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It's Not Enough

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Postal Blowfish, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Everything has order and reasoning IMO, even if we don't know the reason.. but to each his own.

    "Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." Henry David Thoreau
  2. i have mentioned that i dont always know what im talking about....

    how do i even know if what i am calling the same as what you are calling it?
  3. We don't. haha.
  4. Sometimes the point is to understand that order and try to flow within it, for example, if you find yourself speaking without reason, at least you recognize it, then start recognizing what triggers it, then try to control that impulse. This sort of observation applies to all aspects of life in which we involve ourselves. The thing is that those parts of life in which we flow already are aspects in which we were interested and took these steps unwittingly, naturally because of that "joy of discovery" it.

    The thing with life nowadays is that we are being de-sensitized by experiences that bring us this "curious joy" that have been lost to us because a closing gap of opportunity due to there simply being too many people and most things have already been discovered, enjoyed and spent for following generations. This, combined with a global moral hypocrisy that continuously bend the limits of what is acceptable through sensationalist media outlets are notions being relegated to apps and pre-packaged vacation sets.

    There is NO sense of discovery and a confusing set of options to establish fulfillment values make the situation all that more precarious. We're all just cells in a body trying to find a function that's been synthesized or over-crowded.
  5. It's always more than enough! :love:
  6. Interesting,
    It's all about happiness and the individual experience isn't it?
    It's amazing and we all have the power to make it more amazing.
    It's about learning and understanding and connecting.
    It's definitely more than enough while everything is striving for improvement.
    Where does it max out I wonder?
  7. Nice post OP. Philosophy's always asked the same questions.
  8. If we were the equivalent of gerbils on a wheel generating energy for something else, would you want to know or would you rather remain ignorant? Doesn't it change your happiness if you find out you're being exploited and deceived? Happiness is not a static goal.

    If it's more than enough, why is anything striving for improvement?

  9. [​IMG]
  10. If as a result of your journey, you come to experience that which feels more real to you than you had previously realised was possible, it not only changes the way you experience the world, but leaves you with a state of awareness that seems to contain its own reality. There is no longer a choice about what you do or how you see the world, it just becomes you.

    If there were no experiences that could alter your perception, change what you perceive as reality, allow you to see the world in a way that brings a true sense of peace, then it would be too easy to just base what you do on the ideas of others, hoping to find what you think of as peace and happiness, but often ending up simply going round in circles.
  11. Interesting. Do you really think you can be completely free from the ideas of others?


  12. we can not avoid the influence of others at all.....
    we can however chose how we apply that influence....

    the ideas of others cannot be avoided without completely separating yourself from everyone.....
    no interaction at all...

    no reading....
    no anything....
    just you....alone....
    sealed off.....

    no other way to be completely free of the ideas of others;):smoking:
  13. always?
  14. It takes training the mind to control your perception (questioning the information to get your own spin on it), but regardless, you will always choose whether to accept the information or not.

  15. i am not so sure we -as the imperfect creatures we are-
    are capable of grasping all the ideas that influence are thoughts.....

    only when we are paying enough attention!
    and sometimes even then something may slip in....

    shit now that you have me thinking about it....

    there is nothing to say someone elts idea cant come to you some time after you hear if it was your own....
    without you even realizing that it was not your own idea to begin with....

    so no ....not always........not even when we are trying can we manage it all the time....cus we cannot keep track of exactly what ideas are our own ...and which came from others....
  16. Yes, obviously I will choose one thing or another thing. Will I choose it independently? Those who presume they can if only they can train themselves to see every variable in existence, I think, are fooling themselves.
  17. I know everything. :devious:

    Is it possible... everyone has an ulterior motive they're unaware of... :eek:
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    The selfmetaprogram is a very tricky obstacle to train, but it is possible.. I don't even mess with it though honestly (not consciously anyways, maybe subconsciously?). To time consuming.. I agree they would be fooling themselves if they thought they could consider every variable, but that is part of the training to the selfmetaprogram. but it always helps to consider objectivity in your choice of beliefs, not just subjectivity. This is the beginning to selfprogramming ironically, because simple programming doesn't consider the individual perspective, and only accepts/denies information on a whim. The selfprogrammer will consider the variables and how they tie into there current view of reality. It may alter there perception, which means rewriting a program/metaprogram, it may simply add on to a program/metaprogram, or they may simply disagree with it and throw it in the recycling bin.

    IDK if you've ever researched the human biocomputer? But that's what I'm basing this off of..

    Also olesmoky: yes, the subconscious has more power than some people are willing to admit IMO.
  19. In normal life, not being influenced by the ideas of others is impossible. Whatever you experience, consciously or otherwise must have some impact on you. I was referring to the specific choosing to follow consciously those ideas you come across.
  20. Not listening to other people's ideas is a fate worst than death. It's stagnant intelligence, it's fanaticism to only one train of thought.

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