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It's never okay to pinch someone's weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Caty, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Do you think this was fair? My friend thinks it was completely fair and she doesn't care at all.

    The other day we were about to roll a fat ass blunt (2 grams) but I'm a pretty crappy roller and I was blasted so we stopped by our friends house so he could roll it real quick. He had ten other people over and they were just sitting around smoking cigs and talking about getting high, so he went into his kitchen to get away from them. It was a small kitchen so we just stayed outside with the group. His friends go in and out of the house, then like five minutes later he comes out with a pinner, probably around half a gram. I was like "where the fuck did my bud go?" but my friend was all "naahh he rolled it. it's okay if he pinched a little" and then she let him take the first hit. I was hella pissed at this point but I just let it go because I didn't want trouble. He was a huge black guy surrounded by 10 of his closest big-ass black friends. I just wanted to leave.

    Well I guess it doesn't matter now because that was like two days ago and I always forgive and forget. Plus I still have bud left to smoke out of my bong because I'm never hittin up that bull to roll me that jawn again. :bongin:

    TL;DR I don't remember what I was going to say. Basically just shut the fuck up and smoke my weed!
  2. Damn I would be pissed off too. It would've been cool if he took like a lil under half a gram if he rolled it. But if he rolls it and wants to smoke it with me he can't pinch shit. Fuck that asshole
  3. And that.. sir, is why you teach yourself how to roll.

    I used to throw my friend a buck or two and/or let her smoke with me if she was going to roll.. pinching and then smoking too is just greedy.
  4. Whats up with the tl;dr. I dont get what you were sayin it in. Oh well im cooked like a goose right now
  5. I don't think pinching is ever okay. It just seems greedy to me, especially when they try to be sneaky about it (i.e I didn't have my grinder, my friend had hers, I open it up and realized she's bent the screen a bit to take a bit of weed from whoever uses it) I think it's crazy that he pinched from you and wanted to smoke it with you.
  6. Nah man, we're not crack addicts.
  7. pinching weed because you rolled it?? fuck that! you roll it because youre getting smoked out anyways... not try to milk it and get even more out of it
  8. I feel pretty dumb asking, but what's pinching?
  9. That's not cool. If there wasn't two grams in the blunt, that's a dick move.

    Hehehe, you Philly peeps and your "jawns."
  10. Sucks, man. Don't blaze with those dudes anymore.
  11. Thats so messed up. I've rolled many times for friends and I didnt even smoke it.
  12. Wow.. that's just low, how is that a "friend"
  13. Yeah, that's fucked. Did you get high at least?
  14. Been pinched before fucking stupid thats why I always buy my weed myself and im not much of a blunt or joint smoker (dont like kush cologne) so I just pack pipes and stuff.
  15. its takeing weed outa someones stash, i think.
  16. That's messed up. Dude and I'm sorry for your loss. I like rolling and I'm really good at it (joints as well) so whenever someone needs a blunt or j rolled my boy usually tells everyone I should roll it. I would never pinch weed for rolling someones blunt. I don't even ask to hit it. I always wait for the offer.
  17. this is what we call getting jacked bro.
  18. Man that's so messed up. I've never rolled a joint that I haven't smoked, but that's because I've always used my weed/my weed and someone elses combined.

    The other day I rolled one for my friends and I. There was 3 of us. I had about 2 gs (but had already packed a bowl for all of us) and one friend had just picked up an 8th after we blazed. The other didn't have any but we blazing at his house. So we went 50 50 on a kingsized zig zag, but he threw down more than I did. I threw it all together in my grinder (asked him if it was ok to grind his portion with mine first) and ground it up and rolled it. I was a little worried that he would think I was trying to pinch his portion - or that I was "manhandling" his weed. I know people who refuse to let anyone else touch their herb even to pack it and if they're sitting right there. But he was cool - but I ended up rolling a fatass joint and sprinkled a ton of keif on it, and all 3 of us smoked outside. It was the best Monday afternoon ever.

    Sorry that got off topic but I'm high and thought it was a story worth telling :p
  19. Your friend is a girl. And are you a girl too? I'm assuming so by your name Caty.

    So... basically you're hanging around some CHEAP ASS BROKE ASS *****z if they are pinching bud from two chicks. Ahaha that's ALL I gotta say
  20. this is the exact reason i learnt to roll. I hated having to ask people to roll for me or constantly owing people favours. like if they wanted some bud and i had some theyd always be like remember all those times i roll for you..

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