its my birthday

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. i'm 19, got a total of 10 dollars from my family, and i'm broke so i got nothing good for my birthday and no one good to share it with.... i kinda wanna do what i used to do today, which is take an ungodly amount of drugs and see if i survive... but i'd wanna shootup 3 bags with no tolerance really, dont know if that one would work
  2. just get a dime:smoking: or a 12 pack of any beer, happy b-day man hope u make it good, who knows what can happen..
  3. my birthday is on tuesday, ill be 21. nothing good will come out of it
  4. holy shit it's the 22nd! haha i forgot about yesterday...i'm supposed to do something today...
  5. Dunno about seeing if you can survive a possible OD, but happy birthday why dont you treat yourself by setting up a grow or something?

    about the promethazane shit in your gallery, can that get you high? mine doesnt have the cod/alph markings though
  6. I know all about shitty Bdays bro to bad you dont live around here I normally thorw partys for my friends it always ends up being a good time anyway I hope it gets better
  7. Happy Birthday, man!

    Go for a dime.
  8. Happy Birthday bro, hope your b'day turns out to be good
  9. dont worry about a lame birthday man. use the money to go to a club with some friends and meet some fine ass girls. do fall into drugs, thats not good. just toke.
  10. happy birthday man. i love birthdays, always try to hook up my friends. i like to try to plan something awesome and surprise em with it, doesnt always work out though.
  11. :cool:
  12. Damn they only gave you 10 bucks. Thats mad wack man.

  13. apparently you don't negligent too well haha
  14. happy birthday man. use the 10 bucks well.
  15. Happy Birthday, sorry ur family and friends were lame, but if you feel like coming to FL ill throw you a party!
  16. that bites dude hoepfully you get puffed up some where along the line
  17. i smoked some herb, followed by crack, followed by herb so i wasnt all fiendin n shit, haha i smoked a good bit of crack actually

    i dont know anyone except me who would be like "hmm its my birthday, i'll get some crack" haha
  18. happy belated birthday neg

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