Its my Birthday

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  1. Today is going to be sweet. I'm 21 now so I can legally buy my own drinks without having to ask a friend and once my car starts I'm going to my parents because I'm getting $400 from them then I'm going to see if my gf wants to give me birthday head
  2. happy 16th man

    haha im kidding. have a good one
  3. Happy Birthday ! What's the plans besides getting Birthday head?

  4. Thinking about what I'm doing with the 400. Should I buy an ounce for 270 and fill my tank up or just spend all of it on bud? Hmmmm
  5. I wish i got $400 for my birthday. But then again my parents never spoiled me like that. Especially not once i was over 18. :rolleyes:

    But happy birthday man. Enjoy it.
  6. Happy birthday, blow it in her hair
  7. Happy birthday :)! I would get some gas btw lol.
  8. happy birthday homie. Drink responsibly.
  9. you have yourself a happy birthday bro.
  10. hAppy birthday cuz! Its my bro bros birthday today also..doing it big in VIP haha
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    Go, go, go, go, go, go, go shawty..... !!
  12. You have to ask for Birthday head? This girl needs to step her game up.

    Happy Birthday, youngin.
  13. ^ actually last week I got some Wednesday head so I think my bday is a good way to get some
  14. You should buy the ounce & fill up the tank if you drive a lot.
  15. OP is def black from the way he talks about head.

  16. I am black. That was impressive sir
  17. Birthday head? Go with the birthday fuck instead. Just lay there and let her do all the work.

    Happy birthday! And since you got "blunts" in your name, here's some rep.
  18. ^ thanks man I've got a lot of rep+ and good feedback from my name
  19. happy birthday my dude.


    cant go wrong

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