its my birthday.

Discussion in 'General' started by GillyTHEkid, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. yeah im an attention whore and i wanna make a thread about it yada yada yada. just kidding...

    i guess this is what i get for not keeping up with friends back home when im at school because i aint doin shit tonight! i got some pho (viet noodles) earlier with a good buddy of mine so that was cool. but damn.. u can only play call of duty for so long haha.

    well i turned 22 years old today. im grateful to see 22 years of life and content with how i am living it. still get to play football at my university and get my education.

    i haven't blazed in about a week and a half i believe. i had the urge to tonight but i realized i lost my numbers when i got my phone swapped out... so i gave up on that.

    my parents gave me $160 for my bday/christmas gift :D ill prolly be spending some of that on christmas gifts for them. they arent materialistic people, they dont even expect gifts. but ill def be getting them something thoughtful and that is useful.

    i was really hoping that this girl i started to talk to in the beginning of the semester would hit me up and wish me happy bday so i could use that as a opportunity to spark things up again... but no luck yet. sucks to know i fugged something up with a great girl. i could blame a lot of thing but in the end it was my fault.

    maybe if its meant to be ill get another shot, but thats the hopeless romantic in me talking haha.

    all in all its been a good day. got a great lift in at the gym, chest, bi's and tri's. got to eat one of my favorite foods, got a lil something from the parents and the world didnt end :hello:

    appreciate your time. cheers.
  2. happy birthday blade.
  3. haha thanks guys
  4. Happy Birthday bro!

  5. Birthdays are just another day for me.

  6. thats what has become for me as well
  7. Happy Birthday! I'll spark a bowl of my stash tonight for you. :smoke:
  8. i appreciate that.
  9. [​IMG]

    happy birthday
  10. Happy day of birth, my friend! That would be pretty sad if birthdays just became another ordinary day for me...always got shit to do and stuff to celebrate, be thankful for, blah blah blah.

  11. Hey man happy birthday :bongin: get high and turn the reggae up
  12. happy birthday but disappointing as a stoner OP
    you could have put alot more effort into finding a little geechie
  13. [ame=]2 Chainz - Birthday Song (Explicit) ft. Kanye West - YouTube[/ame]
  14. i know blades, im slummin haha
  15. Happy Birthday!! My birthday is pretty much my favorite holiday so I'm glad you enjoyed yours.
  16. Told you I'd smoke a bowl for you. If you were lived close to me I'd smoke you out. But for now. Here's a pic of my birthday bowl smoking right now just for you.


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