Its My Birthday!

Discussion in 'General' started by KaliYoker, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Fuck yeah! Finally turned 18
  2. ahh.. 18 isn't all its cracked up to be man. I'm 19 and your life is only going to get harder from this point forward. Sorry to be so negative.. haha thought I'd shove some cold, hard reality in here.

    Have a good bday tho man. Theres lots of good things that come with age but theres also a lot of negative BS you'll have to deal with, thats what I'm trying to say ;).
  3. Adulthood....Here you come....
    Happy Birthday!!!
  4. [quote name='"RandomThoughts"']March 23rd?[/quote]

  5. You share my chicks birthday it seems.
    Here in Australia, it's turned March 24th about an hour and a half ago already.

    Anyways, have a good one.
  6. [quote name='"KaliYoker"']Fuck yeah! Finally turned 18[/quote]

    It's a slap in the face to the mods to advertise that you registered prior to being 18.

    Regardless, happy birthday, enjoy it. Life will be a rollercoaster from here on out.
  7. Happy Birthday! :hello:

    I'd love to send you a free copy of my "Granny's MMJ List" as a present! :D (click that first link in my sig for a preview of the small GC version!) Just send me an email! (Bottom of my sig)

    Since you are likely still in school, my List can be your data base for creating an "A+" senior paper on MMJ! Or (if you are less bold) perhaps one on the endocannabinoid system (ECS)- which will be the next "big thing" in medicine!

    Have fun! :gc_rocks:

    Granny :wave:
  8. I didn't even want to turn 17.. turning 19 in a month and a half...

  9. I'm 19 going on 20 in July and life has been a bitch for the last year and some change. Good luck with yours, hope it's easier than somes.

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