Its my birthday!!!

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  1. Happy St. Patty's Day guys, ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! It is 1:05 AM here in Houston and I just got through smoking my bday joint and I think it is gonna be a good start, Im 24...

    Im about to go to sleep and when I wake up in the morning I am going to go work on my honda ( which really excites me!!!), then Im going to an auto swap meet for a few hours. Then I'm dropping the kids off at my brothers and going to a bar with my wife and a couple freinds and getting fucking trashed on green beer... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

    Thanks guys
  2. St pattys day is a great get fucked up day. :laughing: Must make for a good birthday.
  3. Its a day known for getting pinched and getting fucked up... lmao
  4. Well goodnight folks, remember to wear your green... lmao
  5. happy bday man

    bday rep on the way

    im 24 too man
  6. We're getting old... lmao
  7. Happy 24th Birthday! Here's your present!

    Yes the cake even says 24 :cool:
  8. man you make me nostalgia for Texas, used to live in the galveston county area. Really miss the weather right now haha, in fact my folks are in town from Texas and their all like yeah in Houston its 81 degrees right now and I'm like fuckkk... haha
  9. Happy bday! I'm in Houston to, Conroe is 45 minutes from me
  10. Thanks, thats my first present of the day... lol

    It is feeling pretty damn nice right now, where do you live now??

    I actually live in greenspoint now
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    Live in the Netherlands atm, the weed is great, and I love the country but I'm moving back to the states in 1 months but to the east coast :( I'd honestly prefer the south anyday. Nice weather, fine women, dank bud, and cold beer, that sums up the south for me haha :D
  12. Only one b-day joint?

    I'm sorry.
  13. Damn, Ive always wanted to go to the netherlands. I think that describes the south for just about everyone

    lol... I'm not, I enjoyed it
  14. Happy birthday from Canada Mannnnn!
  15. Happy birthday man! Hope it's a good one and enjoy St. Patty's day!!!

  16. Happy bday bro. Hope you get fucked up man.. but be safe in the process

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