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Its my birthday today...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KilltheKlown, May 5, 2004.

  1. ...and no one got me anything, not even my girlfriend.

    plus i have no weed.

  2. Ah now that just sucks :(

    Happy Birthday man... :)

    wheres critter with some cool smilies ;) lol...
  3. Happy Birthday. I've had some shitty ones, too.
  4. your girl didn't get you anythin? dump that ho.
  5. whoooooa that sooooooooo just reminded me of a dream I had last night..about SMILIES!! and critter you were there tooo!! I found all these smilies, but no one else knew about them, and I was like oh wowo critter doesnt know about them!! lol :D

    aaannnnnnyway, happy birthday KtK!!! hope it gets better for ya!!
  6. hope the image of sensi dreamin cheered ya up a lil ;)
    ah i stole one of critters smilies......
    happy birthday,...i also hope it gets better
  7. Well, I can't top that ^^^ so I won't even try. lol

    Happy Birthday
  8. garfield!!!! GARFIELD!! lol, has anyone been reading the comics lately? last time I checked garfield was suppose to be on a diet!! hes cheating!! sssshhh! dont tell jim davis!
  9. I've been re-reading a lot of my Calvin & Hobbes comics lately... I love Calvin.

  10. awe thanks :) good to see you tooo...though, I may have been seeing you just not postin much :)

    calvin and hobbes are the best by far! :)
  11. wow man well i jsut packed my bongs bowl nice and tight with sum bomb ass weed ill take a big hit for ya

    happy b day
  12. Birthdays blow sometimes. Hopefully you will get ripped tho.
  13. well school was horrible, but im still alive....

    thanks to everyone at the city who said happy b-day

    you guys rock

    toke on
  14. You've got to get some weed soon.


  15. I'm sorry......"Happy Belated Birthday, Dude" I raise my pipe to ya!
  16. happy birthday fellow brother.
  17. hey man i know im a lil late, but im smokin a J right now, i guess i can dedicate it to ya! Happy B-Day, *CHEERS*
  18. Happy bday man :)
  19. yea man, happy b-day, even though it was like 2 months ago... i can at least try to make you laugh...look at Garfield!!

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  20. hey man i never saw THAT episode of garfield. they must censor/edit it..

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