It's my BIrthday!!!! Help the grow or say what's up.

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  1. Hey grasscity today is my 18th birthday and the 18th day of flowering! (sorry for lying about my age at first)
    So if you guys wanted to give some advice on our grow as a awesome birthday present it'd be great. Or what's up how's your day/grow?

    *400w mh bulb
    *75 watt bulb flourecent
    *1 Five gallon DWC bucket
    *2 fans
    *All in our secret jardin DR-90 grow tent with no real exhaust system due to budget =\

    P.s pics coming soon I'm on the iPad which doesn't like uploading anything.

  2. Why man, why?

    You know you have to be 18 to be on this forum so why would you admit that you joined before you were of age.

    Happy Birthday.
  3. In the forum rules it says if you're under 18 don't get pissed when you account is banned, and I took that risk because our hobby wouldn't have started let alone flourished without the help of the GC community. And thank you =D
  4. At least you were honest. My best advice is dont pick early, dont take samples, and dont tell anyone.
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    Should Have Just Stayed Quite About Your Age...and The Rules State..2. You acknowledge and guarantee that by using this service you have reached the age of 18 years.

    Banning You For 3 Days...and Your Thread Will Be Opened When You Return!!!

    Edit: Ok Green your Thread is Open...Sorry Had to Do it as We Have enough Underage Kids Joining and Then When They Turn 18 They Brag about How they Got away with it...So Yes you Were an Example!!!

    So Just a Heads up to The Underaged Who are here...When you turn 18...Keep it to yourself!!!

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