its my birfday

Discussion in 'General' started by Agent 86, Apr 22, 2010.

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    I'm finally 21 and for once I actually feel different on my birthday. I can finally buy my own beer, I have an amazing girlfriend and have an oz of some really good mids. I had to pause dj hero to make this post so I'm gonna get back to my party lol. Happy earth day gc.
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! its all downhill from here haha jk. I'm turning 21 next month and i can't wait :hello:
  3. Happy birthhday
  4. Happy Brith Earth Day to you :D
  5. Happy Birthday my friend, have some rep!

    Hope your day is awesome bro, make the best of it!
  6. About to head to north Houston and window shop lol....then steaks with the rents tonight. I say all in all (even though it's only noon) it's a great day. And crf88 it kind of seems like that, I mean besides a drop in the insurance once I hit 25...that and senior citizens discount. Oh well, at least there isn't one place I can't get into now. And earth day.....just another great reason to spend some quality time with marry jane.
  7. you can look forward to turning 55.

    you get that badass senior citizens discount!
  8. reps to you for sharing my b-day..happy b-day! have a good one

  9. Good stuff, ill drink a beer for you lol

  10. Oh boo to you. I'm only 19 still sir. Your gonna leave me out of all the fun stuff :( I'm glad you like your present! And I'm glad you had a great birthday, I tried to make it a good one! Btw it's Mary Jane, with one r.... ;)

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