Discussion in 'General' started by Bukley, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. kick ass man its my bday dec 27

    so fuck yall *****s! lol
    it kinda sux to have a b day 2 days after x mas cuz everyone is like "this is your chrismas/b-day present" but they're usually awesome a CAR

    w/e im tired ill celebrate i the mornin,open gifts from my sister lalala ok thats it.
    wish me happy b-day!
  2. Happy birthday man! have fun and toke up :smoke:
  3. i cant toke...til june..
  4. Ah yea..forgot :confused: ow well bro...this bowl will go to you...may my smoke drift to you some way :bongin:
  5. hell yea man party up, my bros birthday is 12-31 new years eve nice partys since 10th grade. Happy birthday man
  6. happy birthday :) Enjoy the day!
  7. yeh well so far my day doesnt look too exciting just another bday so, another year wiser for sure,even though i cant spell when im typing
  8. happy b-day brotha

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