It's my 200TH POST: It's a Celebration BISHES!

Discussion in 'General' started by v12v12, May 25, 2010.

  1. :hello: Yes... it's that time once again... my 200TH POST TIME!!! :hello:

    1st, I need to thank MYSELF for finding GC from a random g00gle search for seed germination lol. :D

    2nd, I would like to thank any and ALL persons that repped me; thanks for recognizing! :wave:

    3rd, thanks to all the MODs who have overlooked my often incendiary vitriol regarding the op-sex, and non-replying lurkers.

    4th, thanks to all of the op-sex who have seen the light and supported said incendiary posts/comments. :yummy:

    5th, a special thanks to my fav nemesis; GirlyS (yes you!) Thanks for all the support/negs & :love:

    And last but not least... to ALL that have bothered to get off their lazy rumps and REPLY to my threads; thanks FOLKS!

    :hippie: PARTY 'N VAPE TIME!!!! :metal: :yay: ALL ABOARD *BRRRREEEEEEEOOOOOW!* :hippie:
  2. I board no train that goes *BRRRREEEEEEEOOOOOW!*
  3. haha, cool stuff.

    I'm glad your so happy with this place.
  4. So, did your seeds germinate OK:confused:
  5. I'm just here for the feast :wave:

  6. sweet broseph..really really tubular.
  7. This IS WONDERFUL! :hello:

    lmfao! Well I was blazed and couldn't visualize, nor phonetically sound out a steam-train's blaring whistle?! BRRRREEEOOOOOWWWW HAHAHH aaahHH! :D

    ---Seeds...Nagh I had to move to a new spot and there's no stealth-room to grow atm; working on that and collecting as I go!

    Thanks EVERYONE!
  8. Congratulations. It's always good to have enthusiastic grasscity users.
  9. Who you callin' a bish??
  10. Back when I was a "lurker", many years ago... the only "post-count" celebration threads that were made were in thousands. (1k, 2k, etc)

    But I mean... congratz?
  11. u-n-i-t-y...

    o yea congrats op...

  12. HAHA! Thats some old school [ame=""]Queen Latifah[/ame]!

    Hrmm... I haven't decided if I'm going celebrate at 500; YEP! :D
  13. I like how you used an abundance of smileys.
  14. I wonder what the hell he will do when he hits 1,000.

  15. [​IMG]

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