Its Millertime! Great taste? or Less filling?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by sensimil, Jun 26, 2003.


Great taste or Less filling?

  1. Katina Baker (brunette)

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  2. Tanya Ballinger (blond)

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  1. The brunette, for sure!!!

    Oh yeah....

    :::::: shoves Sensi into a fountain of icy cold water and screams \"Great taste!!!!!!\" ::::::

  2. ::::takes rmjl by the waist, whips her around into the fountain, hair tossing everywhere *SPLASH!!!!!* Less Filling!!!!!::::
  3. you dont have an option for both :(

    pff.. id lick on their vaginas every day and twice on sunday


    edit: i voted on the brunette

    oh the naughty things id do...

  4. yeah I thought about it, but I really wanted to see which way the blades will bend, to choose :)
  5. :::: tackles Sensi, pins her down in the fountain and yells GREAT TASTE!!!!!!! ::::
  6. ::::grabs a hold of RMJLs soaking slippery wet shoulders, turns the tables and pins her in fountain water on her back, with my legs straddling her body, shouts LESS FILLING!!!::::
  7. Takes sensi and rmjl and puts\'em both in the foutain............

    Bud fucking Light!!!!!!!

    :: Walks away with both other women to have frantic, lushious sex with OUT DOORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. just cause you *THINK* you are a lesbian trapped in a MANS body doesnt mean you can just have lushious sex with me anywhere!!!!!! you think your sooooo sly with those lesbian claims!

    oh wait, you said other women? so Im stil in the fountain with RMJL? oooooh thats what im talking bout...

    Take yer Budlight and GIT OUTTA OUR SEXY FOUNTAIN!!!
  9. is this sexy fountain real, or imaginary?

    and if it\'s real, how do I get there?

  10. You know that you want me to dump the other women and join you and rmjl!!!! You want my lesbian tendences to open up on you two don\'t you??

    Come on tell the truth!!!!!!

  11. hmmmmmmmmm i slightly remembering mentioning something like htis before....huh.....hmmmm.....:)

    both gorgeous... i\'d take the brunette though..... blonde looks a lil firce....:D

    edit: bastard plastic bottles....

  12. PROPS!!!!gravy


    lol, gotta give em!

    you, made me!!! not like we werent on the same tune! just made me *tink!*

    yeah, plastic, was gonna say, er, uh, as the beer drinking college connesiour, that I presume to STILL HOLD LMAO, uh.......I only can afford, the BEST ;) :)

  13. yes....come on...YES, come ~~~~JOIN US~~~~
    cause you know whatll happen...!!!!
    let me just play this the T :D
    you bring the other girls over, you, the girls, me and rmjl....all together..the 7!!!!! of us...!!! you, me, rmjl...........................

    and thats all I got...all the girls!!!!! come on, baby, BH, get a gooooooood look is all I can say.

    thats a captial I
  14. It might seem that I don\'t fit in that picture...


  15. I do..... right in the middle.... with a huge as grin on my face and a bottle of miller lite of course..... :D

  16. I did too till Sensi said she had all the girls and for me to just watch!!!!!!

  17. Ain\'t nothing wrong with a free show and a prayer for action....... :D

  18. LOL!

    silly boys :rolleyes:
  19. I\'m going to sit and watch till they invite me in or they get to tired to fight me off!!!

    Then I\'ll be the center of attention!!!!!

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