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It's me...........hardroc

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by hardroc77, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. How's it growing? :bongin::bongin::bongin:

    Well, I thought I'd join up to this site.
    I've been an active user on the Roll It Up site. For about 2 years.
    I really don't like the new format that they switched to.
    So for anyone who frequents R.I.U. then you prolly already know me,
    but for those who don't,
    I'm from N.S. Canada
    I do soil, closet grows.
    veg with cfl's and flower with 400 watt Mh/Hps
    I'm also an avid lst'er, I love how it makes the plants look.
    With some good training, you get a nice even full canopy,
    with lots of nice sized buds.

    The strains I've grown out:

    Bag Seed (of course)
    Honey Dew
    Orange Mass
    Juicy Fruit
    Green Elfy
    Curently am growing out Bubba Kush & Blue Widow
    Got a Juicy Fruit & a Whit Widow X Big Bud germing and some Blue Widow and Bubba Kush clones rooting.

    Well that's about it, any questions just ask.
    Hoping that there's alot of cool new people to meet here, and not a bunch of non growing trolls...........see ya around. :wave:
  2. Whats up dude, you get that BUKU mom yet? Welcome to GC
  3. LOL nope not yet.....waiting to go down in late May or early June. It's 2 hours from my house to his and where I'm growing is another half an hour away. I can only go every 2 weeks to check on 'em, hope it's not too dry this year.:eek::eek:
    So what are some good threads around here?
    I got some albums loaded up.
    Takes quite awhile to do..........
    Got 3 done, that's enough for tonigt.
    They're in my sig
  4. Well I just got some albums upload,
    Check 'em out.............:D:D:D

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