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  1. Ok, I've been growing since I was 19 yrs old off and on. I'm 32 now and I have to say this superthrive stuff is the real deal. I've read alot of threads about it, the soo called "snake oil" talk, and others saying it does absolutely nothing for your grow. Well first, its been around for years and tested by the us agricultral dept. I have witnessed side by side grows in my own garden its effects. I compared its veg to a seed that didn't get the ST and the I was shocked. The ST seed (the same seed as the one that didn't get it) in one week appeared to 2x the size of the one that didn't. By the second week the ST plant looked darn near 4 weeks old. No one believes the power of this stuff. I never tested it in hydro, but in soil its a keeper in my nute stash. I follow the recommend dose, 1/4 tsp per gallon. The beauty of it is you can add it to your nute program, I have and nothing died. Perfect vegg and flower everytime, I guess its because of the ST ability to combat stress...who knows but I recommend for my grasscity family who soil grow to go and really consider using this product.

    I'm currently enjoying the results of my white widow, and blue mystic recieving the ST treatment. Gonna try and post some pics for you guys.
  2. Whats in that stuff dude? Ive been growing in soil for 3 years and Ive never heard of it. I dont like adding anything to my soil unless I absolutely have too, and I only use Organics.
  3. i also use superthrive as well and it is very good stuff bro
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    so I've been using it wrong? I put a drop to a gallon ha
  5. Thanks man I'm going to get some
  6. Thanks for input.. Noted if I ever grow one day :)
  7. Superthrive is all vitimans for the plant and it greatly reduces the stress on a plant and increases root development during vegg and flower....I'm glad to see people responding to my thread
  8. Thanks for info...Im going to look into it.

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