Its looking like its gonna be a good day :=

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by scubasy, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Just woke up happy this morning as after the long harvest and hot summer here in spain i have a sample from 1 of my babys dry enough to toke :)

    so its gonna be a wake and bake .

    will try to resize some pics and put them up in the revelant sections :)

    Enjoy all ;:)
  2. Awesome bro, enjoy it. Looove a good wake n bake :D
  3. Glad someones having a nice day, woke up to realize my ps3 has the yellow light of death and will cost me $150 to be replaced, shit.
  4. Nothin like starting off your day with a good wake'n'bake session. The rest of the day is just graaavyyyy.

    Have fun!
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    I was just reading your sig. That shit pisses me off that that fuckin Obama guy joked around and said that shit but yet people are still be prosecuted for marijuana every minute, even people that legit need it for medical use like me. It's pretty wack how before he was elected he stated that he wanted to legalize marijuana, especially for medicinal purposes. The videos on YouTube, then when he was elected I guess he had a change of heart, that videos on YouTube as well.

  6. Watch his State of the Union address, I think he was blazed by the way he looked making his entrance
  7. lol what is this a bunch of little kids talking about politics? Obama is not from Iraq, as you say, hes from the U.S.
    I hope nobody who cares ever comes and reads what has been said on this forum...
  8. obviously he wasnt bornin Iraq i was kidding, i think and heard he was honestly born in Hawaii, who knows though, I just dont get why he wouldnt legalize marijuana MEDICINALLY nationwide.

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