It's like they have just stopped growing. HELP!

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  1. Ok here is my jack Herer girl. Now she was put into the tent bc I'm greedy. I m growing another plant that is honestly just gotten more attention. But anyway, she's droopy (I moved lights farther away and watered her) but the buds look like they have just stopped growing. I don't get it. And if there is a prob and she's not gonna grow I may just chop her so my "baby" can finish by herself under the light.

    Little info [​IMG]

    2x4x5 tent


    "600w" LED


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  2. Classic overwater or underwater indicators, also many strains seem to stall out during flower all the energy is going to filling out all of the buds so vertical growth ceases its one reason why prunning all the lower branches off prior to switching is important IMO, your leaves look healthy but I would check for bugs when a plants roots or leaves are being attacked you can get drooping, sounds like you already tries raising the lights I have had droopy leaves from the light being to close but usually the torched leaves indictor also show up.,,
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  3. Patience is a must with this hobby.

    Keep medium moist and not wet.

    I don't use LED so can't say how close your lamp should be, sorry.

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  4. Thanks a lot for the help. She's an auto so there wasn't a switch. And I fig it was underwater bc there was no weight when lifting the pot then watered and hasn't moved. Lol idk I'm very impatient so it's prob just me. But only time will tell. Once again thanks for the time and reply.

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  5. Yea I'm very impatient lol. Thanks for ur time and reply.

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    I have have auto jock horrors currently growing showing same or similar traits. I was wondering this myself, changed as they went into flowering. To note they are still stretching. I assume its a genetic thing, because pistils are popping up fast. Hard to over water as I am in coco myself.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
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  8. Yea seems she was just very thirsty. She perked back up. Thanks for the help buddy.

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