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Its like Christmas in May

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Floydian_Slip, May 27, 2006.

  1. Whats up everyone,

    I've been having some trouble getting ahold of the sweet sweet herb lately, but today I finally got the good news I've been waiting for. About a week ago my dealer's dealer gave another new dealer $5000 for 2 lbs. The new dealer took the 5 grand and nobodys seen or heard from him since. I gave my guy the standard $300 for an oz. and luckily I was able to recover my money. I've been asking around at work to see if I could find anyone capable of selling me more than a couple grams. This past monday I paid my girlfriends brother $75 so that he could score me an 1/8th. Yes, I know this is an obscene amount but i was desperate. Anyway I got ripped the fuck off because I paid that amount and the 1/8th was a gram and a half light. I was really pissed because besides being light it was probably the schwaggiest schwagg I've ever smoked.

    The other night i was hanging out with a friend i haven't seen in awhile and he suggested that I talk to this guy he works with. I went there today and am getting an oz. tomorrow for $150. I'm so psyched because thats outrageously cheap for my area ( I guess the guy grows). Its just so refreshing to hear some good news after a crappy few weeks. If its any good I'll post some pics tomorrow when i get it.
  2. Do you play on a CS:S Server? With a theme of 4:20?
  3. Uh dude, basic stoner shit, don't give anyone money without seeing the sweet cheeba, unless they're really trustworthy. I know one of my buddies who I can trust like that, but ONLY him.

  4. Oh dude PM me the server ip of that...

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