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  1. Just thought I would introduce myself and talk a bit about my habits.

    My name is Allycion. I'm 29 years old and I live at home with my mom and brother. Brother is moving out next month so I finally talked mom into letting me bring my operation home and indoors. I've been contemplating ways to build a nice grow cabinet in the garage. I've already built a pc nursery to keep my next litter of baby girls in. I'm still researching strains and filtration and lighting. I have absolutely no experience growing indoors. I have been growing for my dad for years, outdoors, near some horse trails near my house. It's always been pretty organic. I basically just saved my seeds from the bags we bought, germinated them in moist cotton balls in an Altoids tin in my bra for a few days, planted them in the woods and fertilized with horse manure that I scooped up in a bucket when I would visit the site.

    About my dad... He had cancer. In Kentucky we can't grow legally. Keeping him in pot was getting a little pricey on my minimum wage job and his fixed income. We came up with the idea of our secret garden on day when we were in the area fishing together. Basically packed up our tackle and walked the trails till we found just the right spot. He unfortunately pasted away last October and I'm only just now thinking about planting another crop.

    My most used piece is my Green Bay Packers spoon. My favorite is a 30" tall hookah table that I built in pieces in shop class. I greatly prefer bowls over paper. I can't roll for shit. I hate the way all blunts taste. I love making edibles and have a lot of recipes for delicious snack foods. I'm very much a foodie and am going to school for culinary arts so I'm always in the kitchen adding a little herbs to my munchies.

    If anyone has any advice about strains, lighting, ventilation, and fertilization please let me know.
  2. welcome! you'll love the site!:)
  3. Welcome :)
    Vote for Ron Paul 2012 lmao
  4. Welcome you should start researching through the forum it has tons of answers for all of your questions!

    But or a basic idea you should look into getting an hps light, the plants love constant ventilation, and nutrients are up to u are u looking for organic or chemical fertilizers
  5. Oh, snap you play Tekken? My kind of girl right there. Props.
  6. Welcome! Sorry to hear of your dad. You came to the right place. Although I'm not one of them, the worlds best growers live here. As well as some silly stoned people. Enjoy!:hello:

  7. I used a pretty basic homegrown recipe for fertilizer in my "Guerilla Garden" near the horse trails. Basicaly I let the weeds from my flower and veggie gardens rot in a 5 gallon bucket of distilled water for a few weeks to create a mother. I mix a quart of the mother with 5 gallons of distilled water and bottle it. Add more greens to the mother and top off and wait a few more weeks. Works wonders in the woods.

    As for lights, I'm without work till schools out so I have very little money to work with. I have little space too so I'm trying to keep things as compact as possible.

  8. Anything that lets me beat the crap out of people with out going to lockup is a good thing right?
  9. Tekken is whats up!

    Welcome to the city :)
  10. Nobody played tekken till u faced me sorry.
    And welcome to the city.

  11. I'm pinching my pennies so I can get street fighter x tekken. Wants it soooo bad!!!
  12. Welcome to GC! :gc_rocks:

    Always nice to welcome another gal to GC- we are kind of out-numbered by the dudes!

    I'm "Granny", one of the GC "know-it-alls". I do the medical end of things- if you ever need a MMJ study, just click that first link in my sig! Better yet, hon, send me an email (bottom of my sig) for the very latest in MMJ studies and articles.

    But the gal you are going to LOVE is BadKittySmiles- head over to the "Edibles" section and check out her sticky! BadKitty is a cannabis culinary artist! :D You are going to be amazed and delighted by what she can teach you to whip up!

    Have fun at GC, and good luck on your grow.

    Granny :wave:
  13. ^^^ Heed Granny's words, she's very wise.

    I've always wanted to grow but Iack the knowledge and resources to do so.

    Welcome to the best forum on the Internet.
    May your stay be better than a three star hotel.
  14. Im interested in your outdoor Kentucky grow.
    What were you yielding per plant etc?
  15. Thanks all for the warm welcome. I'm super stoked and can't wait for my baby girls to grow up (if any of them are girls lol). I have pictures of them in the pc box. I've been working on this for a few weeks. The first pic is from two weeks ago when they were still just in jiffy pellets. The other two are from this morning.

    Yay for Jiffy Pellets

    Pic of the PC Grow

    Close Up of the Girls

    The guerrilla garden we had at the park was pretty basic. I germinated the seeds in Altoids tins that I kept stashed in my bra for warmth. They almost always all germinated. They were random bag seeds all of them. I would plant them in jiffy pellets, about two and a half dozen of them. I would take them to the park in a cooler when they were old enough and plant them way back in the woods in a clearing about 20-30 feet from the horse trail. I line the holes with horse manure that I gather on the way and leave them there. I would come back about every week with a 2liter bottle of homebrew fertilizer and dowse them with it and check for bugs and mold. I never pulled the males and I always ended up with pollinated buds and low quality product. But it was free meds for Dad and easy up until this year. I went last month to prepare the spot for planting and it was trashed. Beer bottles everywhere, spray paint on the rockwall, trees torn up all around the clearing. I was very sad. Thats when I started wearing on mom, showing her how easy it would be to keep it in the garage and how easy it would be to get help via forums.
  16. Nice.
    Thats a shame that the area is destroyed.
    So, do you have an idea of the amount of dry medicine you produced? ;)
  17. Damn :eek: didn't realise there were any old-schoolers from back in 2001 still frequenting the boards besides RMJL and Superjoint!

    And to the OP, welcome :wave:

  18. I was getting close to 15 pounds of nuggs. maybe a pound of scrab came home with then and the rest i buried beside the creek.

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