it's just a plant!

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  1. crazy book.

    real fuckin cool

    farmer bob :smoking:
  2. Excellent find! Seems like it would be a great book for parents to read to their children. Very low key, un-politicized, straight forward, and understandable for young children. I would read this to my nephew, although I don't think his father would be too happy about it. There's nothing in the book that I don't agree with. Thanks for sharing this, thisisnotreal! :cool:
  3. haha no problem, i thought it was very well-done, informative, and un-biased.
  4. Yeh I've read it. It's ok imo, though I disagree with the phrase "It's Just a Plant" as an argument for Cannabis Legislation just because simply put, Deadly Nightshade, Poison Ivy, Tobacco, etc. are all "Just a Plant" too, but they are far more dangerous than Cannabis. I say there are much better phrases for Cannabis Legislation like "Deaths caused by Cannabis Intoxication: 0" etc.

  5. But the book isn't about cannabis legislation, is it? I see it as a way to begin a child's education on the existence of marijuana. It covers issues that I would deem important for a young child to know about marijuana, and it does it in a non-political manner.

    If I were speaking to Congress about the legal aspects of cannabis, I'm sure I wouldn't use this book as a reference point. But to explain the virtues of cannabis to a child, I would definitely consider using this book. :cool:
  6. I feel that having the audacity to make a plant illegal is like saying that the Almighty made an error, that is up to us to correct. To me it verges on blasphemy.
  7. word
  8. Lol I thought the writing sucked, but heh, its a good book.
  9. That's a cool book :D
  10. haha i know right? great artwork...
  11. I put that link up in a thread a few weeks back.
  12. [quote name='"The Book reads...'] “I’m going to plant some marijuana at home!”

    “We’ll talk about that later,” said her mom.[/QUOTE]

    Lol. That one cracked me up, and also the one about the four black guys smokin weed.
  13. very well said man +rep
  14. Good find. I wish it was better illustrated and had better writting, but it is a start :tup:
  15. “There was a time when the government even told farmers to grow it. Back then it was called Hemp."

    Anyone else catch onto this.

    Got me intrugued.

    Im drunk so spare me, If im sober i may jus say 'DUH!'. But hear me out...

    Aient therea difference between hemp and marijuana/cannabis.

    I aient a dumbass on this, Ive grew some killer greens in my day and seen some sweet ops.

    But, Im unsure on this. Is there a such thing as a Hemp plant that is different from your normal cannabis/marijuana/weed plant? I know like hemp rope and shit made from the stems of the plant. But what plant? Straight cannabis? Or a more of a hemp plant?

    From what ive heard over the many years ive been in the game, There is hemp plants and marijuana plants. Hemp plants contain almost no THC or any other active ingredients in normal marijauan plants.

    Can anybody clear this up for me?
  16. from what i know the "hemp" plants with no thc are just the male plants. correct me if im wrong
  17. I'm not sure if we can really count on the information in this article:
    but it's posted in another thread and what it says is that 'marijuana' was just a slang term used by Mexicans and 'we' (as in US businessmen such as William Randolph Hearst) picked it up and used it in their anti-hemp campaign. It has a more sinister connotation than 'hemp'. From what the article said, marijuana and hemp are the same thing.

    Better read the article... I may have misread it. :cool:

    edit: Damn! I was going to save my 500th post for something more 'Me'... but this is it! Oh, well...!
  18. it's actually pretty cool and pretty imformative for kids.

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