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  1. If everything's in your mind, where's your mind?

    My answer will come later.
  2. Rather, where isn't your mind?
  3. Damn, how did you manage to take away all that potential? :p

    Nice fucking post.

    Well, I guess I just have to throw my answer out right now then, but it's the same as your question.

    The mind is in everything and everything is in the mind.


  4. Categories and labels for something so Unitary?
  5. Your mind is just a tool, it doesn't want to be put down. Nothing is or isn't but the mind makes it so. The mind likes to create definite identity through your perceptions, whereas everything is constantly changing, nothing is as it was or will be. You must move above the mind to be consistently present in the now.
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  7. lulz, theres been much work exposited on the psyche: Jung & Frued from one field

    Focault = great guy

  8. Definitely down with Jung.
  9. nice, collective unconcious, synchronicity, altered archetypal recursion...wish there was a cool tshirt of him i could buy. Cafepress one is poop

  10. Why not apply your creative stoner mind to making a Jung shirt? :hello:
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    found this one [​IMG]
    its always a kick to compare the differnet expressions of geniuses

  12. Just tie-die the name Jung in. I'm sure if your subconscious synergy was in tune with the synchronistic flow of the time-space continuum it would work. In other words: positive intentions. :)
  13. : P w/people its a beautiful thing

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