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Discussion in 'General' started by Dirt King, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. I'm not so sure this is really worthy of a new thread, but I didn't want to hijack/sidetrack someone elses...

    I was sitting here with headphones on listening to some music, and instead of knowing the music was coming from them, I imagined it coming from the center of my head... and then I was thinking of how that's really where it is.

    It was a really cool thought, thinking how the music's in there... and then I thought of how when you remember a song you can kinda 'hear' the thing playing up there, and thought of how cool it would be if you could remember stuff (especialy music) that clearly and with such quality to it.

    So, yeah I started pretending it was coming from inside my head, and it was cool... seriously try it if you understand what I mean. I like it.
  2. you have to be stoned....good work.
  3. yeah ive thought that before, it was cool :D
  4. def though of that before and it was def really cool...mmm weed
  5. ya dude i would give anything to have a cd player in your brain! just you hear it nobody else. that would be sweet.

    walking around listening to hendrix ..without any weird looks cause hendrix is coming out of your ears.
  6. i'm currently saving up for a nice mp3 player and some lightweight headphones. kind of off topic, but i hate carrying a bulky cd player around when i just want to listen to some tunes. being stoned while walking around in the center of town with my own concert going on in my head is awesome.
  7. I bet they could implant a music player in your head... they have microchips and all kinds of things like that extremely small now, like fiber.... It'd be like affixing a piece of paper to the inside of your head, and having a wire or two (how ever many needed) runing to whatever part of your brain that persieves sound..... I'd like that, but it'd have to be emp proof. lol that'd be funny if other people could hear it coming out of your ears if they listened very very closely..

    yeah I gotta get an mp3 player, it really sucks having to carry something like a cd player around plus the skipping of the cd ruins the song and all.
  8. Your skull resonates if you use headphones so in a way your head is providing a further aspect to the music.
    I love listening to music in the dark with headphones on and I prefer the big ones that cover your whole ear, they cut out a lot of background noise.
  9. If you've played Metal Gear Solid, the main guy has a radio-thing implanted in his ear and it like stimulates the bones in his ear so only he can hear it not his enemies. I need one. (well, two.)

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