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It's hurts to smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by honeybluntz, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. I've been smoking for a few years now. The last few months, it keeps getting more difficult to smoke weed. The first couple of hits really hurt. It's like a massive head high, and I feel like my head, and sometimes my chest is going to explode. After the first bowl it usually quits hurting so bad. I had bronchitis a couple of weeks ago, but I smoked very little that whole week. I don't know whether to contribute part of it to that. It was happening before the bronchitis... Just not as constant. Anybody have any recommendations? Thanks!
  2. What quallity of weed? What piece?

    Try vaping, it will be a lot easier on your throat and lungs.
  3. I would take a break from smoking for awhile.

    Try eating some edibles or vaping
  4. For the most part, I smoke pretty good buds. A lot of what I get comes from the medical store, or from a few close friends. I mostly use my pipe, but I also smoke out of a bong and bubbler every couple days. I don't have a vaporizer... but maybe I should take a break. I've been needing to, I am just dreading it. Marijuana is my other half. When I don't smoke weed, I'm really shy, kind of mean, and I get moody easily because of my health problems. Weed makes me happy, motivated, and comfortable.

    I'd like to mention something to my doctor. I have an appointment in a couple of days. He doesn't know I smoke, so how could I bring this up to him?
  5. get a vape imo a magic flight launch box is 100 and it works great
  6. I'd love to buy a vaporizer, but I have to wait. I'm living on a really tight budget, and a vaporizer just isn't a necessity.
  7. Buy a dugout / one hitter pipe. They work similiar to vaping, little to no smell.
  8. lol a dugout in no way works like a vape and becuse its smoke it will still hurt and make smell alot of smell if its dank
  9. One hitter bats don't really smell like burnt herb because the long ass chamber takes the heat from the lighter and pushes into the concealed bowl part of it, thus producing vapours instead of smoke, however the longer you hold the lighter and suck in heat, it will end up heating the herb up inside bowl's chamber and you can end up igniting the bud, thus producing smoke.
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    idk what you are talking about i have like 5 one hitters thay all smell and make me cough also thay res up and stink and taste bad if you dont clean them thay dont vape at all smoke cannot turn to vapor ever i have a glass blunt that i can vape from but not my one hitter plus its not practical of you want to vape buy a vape
  11. That's why you clean your shit, or use...


  12. um ya you pack the bowl and smoke em like a cig i have many glass metal wood and others i know how thay work bud but vaping from them is not practical i have one better than that that has the coil on the inside so it dosent break
  13. Well Maybe take a break for a while from smoking. You can still get high though, fumarverde or whatever his name is has a guide on making fire crackers. It requires no money or supplies besides the weed itself, and you should be able to get a decent high for 6 hours with .5-1 gram of bud per fire cracker. They taste a little nasty but it isn't all that terrible with a glass of milk.
  14. mmm firecrackers get you fucked up so good
  15. Firecrackers / Canna-crackers.

    Peanubutter filled crackers with sprinkled shredded bud.
  16. Yeah just use firecrackers it's no big deal really, and after awhile you can smoke again if you even want to.
  17. i make canna butter with my vape remains than make cookies

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