Its hot as hell, which of these hoods would be my best bet?

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    okay, so i'm tired of this heat, i want it cooler in my tent.

    it is currently 72* outside, with my window open, 78 in my room, and 90 in the tent. it is consistantly about 10 degrees warmer in the tent than indoor room temp, with my 250 watt HPS. it is 2 in the morning, so imagine daytime temps on a hot day.
    i have a 4" inline fan and a carbon filter in my 20" x 36" x 5' space. the fan is on a speed controller, and it helps with sound, but having it on low or high has no effect on removing the heat. frozen gallon jugs of water helps, by like a degree, so count that out. exhaust is vented under the house, and the ballast is outside the closet, but directly next to it.

    i just switched the lights over to be on at night, but now night time(our daytime) temps for the ladies are like 73-90*(its getting cooler soon), with daytime(our nightime) being 90 because of the light.

    i'm hoping i can run a 6" cool tube, euro reflector, or easycool 6 reflector on my 4" vortex with the correct fitting. which would you personally choose?

    my question is, will i be losing any efficiency? and most importantly, will it remove all the heat? or will it still raise the temp a degree or 2? or 6?

    it gets chilly here, i would like to encourage some indoor purp if possible in the upcoming months. i dont want my light to be keeping them too hot.

    thank you all so much.
  2. 10* hotter than the ambient temp you are taking in, isnt really bad. I understand that 90 is way too hot, but air cooled hood or not, I doubt you will get that temp down to your sweet spot.

    If you put anything between the bulb and the plant you will loose light intensity (ie cool tube, glass, etc.). It wont be much, but you will loose some.

    I think the best solution would be to air condition the space your are getting your intake air from.
  3. Go for the hood, better light dispersion, more bang for the buck than the cool tube. Either way I think you will see a significant drop in temps, I would guess you may see a 5 to ten degree change.
  4. i considered placing a small portable AC in the closet, but all the one's i'v seen seem to use a lot more energy, and cool a lot more space, than i really need. my closet has a 8 foot ceiling, is about 2 feet deep, and about 7 feet long

    don't they make any AC units you can set on your desk and blow in your face or something? i dont need something that will cool someones living room or house, ya know?
  5. no, they dont. A byproduct of air conditioning is heat. which means you need to hang the ass end out a window to vent the heat the AC produces.

    your option is pretty much to air condition the room the closet is in.

    evaporative coolers are supposed to cool up to 12* but i doubt they work very well or everyone would be using them.
  6. okay, so i can deal with the loss of lumens.

    would a euro or easycool reflector GUARANTEE at least a noticible drop in temps to make it worth buying one?

    the fan is sucking air into the tent via vents at the bottom. the tent is in a closet, and air is passivly being sucked in around all cracks under/between closet doors. if i can get to room temp, or 2-3 degrees over it, i would be really happy.

    and can i convert them down for my 4 inch fan without losing efficiency?
  7. I really doubt you are going to see that kind of temp control given your explanation of your grow space.

    I think at most you will be lucky to see a 5* decrease adding an air cooled hood or cooltube.
  8. I'm new to this site but had a similar issue with a slightly larger tent. I dropped a few degrees by pulling in cool air from under the house with a second fan and sending the exhaust into my attic. The air under my house was in the low 70s when it was 98 outside. This may help you...also they make a small ac with an exhaust out that you can send out as well for under $300 which is probably my solution for next summer.
  9. Anyone got any links to small ac units?
  10. lol in california and dealing with the same shit... first we would leave the door to the closet box with a fan taking the hot air out but even then it wasn't enough, So now we bought 25 ft of 4" duct and jerry rigged it to the rooms a/c port so it blows into the box. Eventually were gonna split a line from the attic and down to the box lol the hole to the crawl space is in the same closet so that makes things a little easier
  11. so i dunno if i should be worried or not, but i'm enjoying it.

    my light is only heating the canopys like 4-5 degrees over room temp, and its like 10 inches away. usually it heats to about 10-11 over room temp. its been going on for a few hours, i hope it stays like this.

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