Its hopeless for Virginia on decriminalization, let alone legalization.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by putinfanboy96, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. The Virginia attorney general, mark herring wants marijuana decriminalized because marijuana arrests are at the highest level of the entire state of state of Virginia since the early 2000's as they tripled. You guys in Virginia I feel so bad for you guys, you guys probably have it as bad as the other retarded inbred Protestant states ran by old men who are out of touch with society and the world. Virginia has the strictest, harshest and worst laws against marijuana possessors perhaps in the entire union. You guys had 11 bills to legalize or decriminalize or reform your laws and your general assembly in Richmond struck all of them down.

    Not only that but your police force are very aggressive and very hostile towards civilians, especially if they catch you with weed. If you're caught with weed in the state you are sent to jail for a month and have to pay $500 in fine and 1 year in jail and $2500 fine for subsequent offense. Even the Democrats and liberals in your state are extremely anti marijauana, even the leftist students at George Mason university are against marijuana (gay ) and you tell them that you even enjoy marijuana, they look at you like you are a disgusting and vile degenerate who wants to hurt people and they shame you and ruin your life, which is weird coming from a libertarian leaning university with less sjw's or antifa members than you'd get at say Berkeley or Portland.

    If you guys want marijauana legal in Virginia, you got no hope, same on the federal level, even with democrats in power you'll still not even get legal weed, or even decriminalized.

    Commonwealth's Attorney responds to call for marijuana decriminalization

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  2. It’s a tough road in the southern states.
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  3. lol
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  4. There are some valid points woven into all that hostility but wow, a lot of zingers.
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    There's no such thing as no hope, especially in this case. It's either already happened or it will very soon: when a certain number of states legalize a substance, enforcement of laws against it become a practical impossibility in all states.

    Save your post and read it again in five years. Or maybe just 2-3.

    EDIT: By the way, even conservative counties within liberal states that have legalized cannabis (like mine) are facing the same inevitable social progress. Fortunately it's a one-way street, at least in our country.
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  6. I feel you're pain. In Kentucky they won't even talk about it. These cousin fucking hillbillies are a least 50 years behind the rest of the Country. What is even worse Cuntfucky is in debt. Illinois and Michigan stores open in January. Tons of Kentucky money will be going there including my mine. now that's sad.
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  7. If you compare current maps of education standards and cannabis legalization in the U.S., it's the same map.

    Or compare maps of education standards and abortion rights. Or education standards and same-sex marriage recognition. Etc.

    Stupidity is the underlying cause of all attacks on social progress. It manifests itself regardless of issue and can't be fixed, only voted down. On everything from cannabis to net neutrality, the clear will of the American people has been abandoned wholesale by red state governments, not to mention our feds, to accomodate and appease this stupidity.

    We are not the first country to decay and collapse into near-absolute disenfranchisement of the people, along with targeting of immigrants etc etc. This collapse process is specifically what converted the Weimar Republic into Nazi Germany etc. If you think that's an exaggeration simply listen to our current president's campaign speeches. At this point Hitler has absolutely nothing on Trump and our federal government except for gas chambers.
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    Just a question for you. Lets say Trump lost in 2016 and Hillary won. Would you make the same comparison too Hillary to Hitler, even if lets say nothing was different right now.

    Horseshit!! The above statement is a lie. They now just go after those who don't have a medical card now and prevent the local competition from competing.
  9. You don't want them talking about theivelegalization. The state gov't will just complicate things like my state did and then set you all up with a forced card of the beast system and change absolutely nothing. So just keep on growing in the woods like we all have been.
  10. For the record Hillary won the popular vote in 2016. That aside, your question has no answer because many things would be different right now if she had been elected. It's a safe bet she would not be targeting our country's poorest for political persecution, she would not have intentionally corrupted our FCC for the specific and express purpose of stripping Title II status and protection from our internet traffic, and thereby selling our federal Constitution to her media friends, and she wouldn't be abusing her office and spending close to all of her time hating and seeking revenge on fellow U.S. citizens, and fighting public release of her tax returns etc.

    I'm not claiming or dumb enough to believe she'd be entirely free of despotism, since Nixon and Reagan it's only been a matter of degree in our collapsed and bankrupt federal government.
  11. You don't know any of that, keep on fibbing. Besides you missed my question, go read it again. Your answer to me says: No I like Hillary Clinton no matter what, she can do no wrong, she could do exactly as Trump has done or worse and I would still praise her. Keep on worshiping that system.
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  12. I didn't miss your question, it's unanswerable and makes an absurd assumption. But if everything was the same as it is today, with Hillary in office, a far greater amount of blame and comparison to Hitler etc would undoubtedly be levied on her. Our establishment media gave us 18 months of nightly, hours-long "news coverage" of whether Hillary's husband lied about a BJ for chrissakes. Imagine if Hillary had patronized prostitutes, paid to have them silenced and then publicly attacked both them and anyone/everyone who dared to defend them.
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  13. Well at least you were honest that time bro.
  14. Also they're all going to hell in a handbasket.
  15. Imagine unironically arguing that the media has it out for Hillary worse than Trump
  16. If Hillary had won in 2016, can anyone claim she would have been given the chance to do anything other than fend off impeachment over her email habits?

    Meanwhile, Trump's first major act in office was to attack and destroy our Constitution, and commit one of the worst acts of orchestrated and abject treason in U.S. history, our media was and remains completely silent on this abomination.

    Not long after our raging left media gave us 18 months of nightly coverage about Bill Clinton's blowjob, GWB was elected followed shortly thereafter by 911. I wonder how many Americans know what happened just two months later:

    Lights! Cameras! Attack! Hollywood Enlists

    The result of these "summit" meetings between Rove and the Hollywood Left was another 15 months of nightly national propaganda, the "Countdown to Iraq", "Showdown With Saddam" etc, with the specific purpose of talking our country into mass murder, and courtesy of MSNBC and CNN as well as FNC. Predictably the campaign worked: when it was launched in January 2002, less than 10% of the American people believed Hussein had anything to do with 911 (no evidence ever existed that he did), but by the end of the campaign, when GWB invaded Iraq in March '03 this number was over 80%. GWB had the largest oil rights grab in human history under his belt for himself, and close to infinite future revenue for Dick Cheney's company Halliburton.

    Speaking of Halliburton, I wonder how many Americans ever knew that Pentagon budget papers have confirmed Dick Cheney chose military targets in Iraq, not according to the targets' strategic or tactical importance, but according to Halliburton's potential profit margins for their reconstruction. It's despotism unprecedented in human history, without a single word of accountability, responsibility or even information from our news media. In 2006 the U.S. House documented over 200 half-truths and outright lies told by Bush and his administration about Iraq, in a report called "Iraq On the Record", not a single major news outlet in our country covered this report or its conclusions.

    And on and on. The simple reality is that our traditional left-biased media has not been seen in our country since our media and politicians were married under Reagan.
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  17. We have vote for those who are for legal weed no matter what party they belong to. that is the only way.
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  18. I wonder, as I often do, that if whatever Democrat gets the nod and appears that they would support some kind of legalization, if Trump wouldn’t take the ball and run. It wouldn’t make sense for him to just say that he would if he got re elected when he could go ahead and move on it and likely gain votes. He has to realize the support and Roger Stone, whatever one thinks of him, has pushed for it already with Trump.
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  19. Sadly on many issues they are so behind on the rest of us hah.
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    I would have to disagree with you on Virginia never decrim or legalizing it. We are actually fairly close, for a legislation body where the only way we can enact law is thru our Congress, we cant vote on ballots. That being said. The issue isnt as you suggest, in fact, has little to do with it. Democrats in Virginia are the only ones supporting full legal weed with a small handful of both reps and dems ok with decrim. The issue is the Courts of Justice Committee who often blocks every piece of cannabis legislation before it reaches the House to be voted on. Had it made it to the House, theres a strong chance it would pass.
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