It's here it's here!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by pistolgrip, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. well my El Hefe dry came today!!!! :hello::hello::hello:

    enough chit-chat




  2. Jesus, thats one pretty lookin' pipe :)

    hows it smoke? the cost? if you dont mind my asking?
  3. that is sick as fuck man! Love the colors

    blaze a fat one for me! :smoking:
  4. thanks guys, El Hefe really killed it on this one. i havent hit it yet amd as for the price -- lets just say it was stupid expensive :smoke:
  5. Shit i love that!!!! My pipe is a small little thing, that is a god next to mine

  6. lol thats alright man, when you love glass (like i do, and you seem to) price doesn't really matter as much :D i just dropped a lot of cash on a Fathead tube. Couldn't be happier with it :smoking:
  7. fathead's a fuckin boss, his tubes are out of this world
  8. lol +rep for ur new sig, i just noticed it

    i never heard of Fathead tubes till i went to a local headshop to pick up somethin real nice. And in the display case sat a stemless fixed double inline a/c tube! Its fucking gorgeous and hits like a beast! i, too, spent way too much money on it lol

  9. haha yeah dude i feel you. i was just wondering, becuase i know a blower, and was gonna ask him if he could blow pipes like that.

    the work on that looks really really dope. highly intricate
  10. very, very nice work on that :metal:
  11. that thing is sick, nice.

  12. ya, but u snagged that sick alex k sherly. that was my 2nd choice :hello:
  13. nice hefe man, he really put some good work on that sherly
  14. its really damn nice!
  15. thanks for the comments, guys. ya, the windows on this just KILL me :smoke::smoke:
  16. ya the windows on this thing are killin me right now. so ridiculous.
  17. ok u know i had to cop a case for this piece.

    haha, the dude put one of the store's cheapass chinese import bowls in this case and chucked it at a wall as hard as he could, with no damage to the piece! needless to say i was sold! :hello::hello:


  18. Nice piece., A bit steep for $355 if you ask me though but to each his own.,

  19. that's harsh, buddy, how u gonna just call out the price like that when I haven't announced it on my thread?

  20. heffe killed it.

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