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  1. Check it out: Aussie Seed Bank

    Proper URL etc... Coming soon I've been told...

  2. Hey, broseph! It's up! I'm on it right now!!! Making an account!
  3. Dude the layout is amazing, too! The "Aussie Seeds" Brand isnt open yet, but all the other brands are, and I'm fairly sure they ship from Australia too. Guess people are going to be making some serious Aussie-Strands!
  4. I thought most of the other seed banks wont even ship to aussie, now there's one IN aussie?!
  5. Has anyone ordered from this site yet? $55 for 10 fem Jack Herer seed is a great price but I don't wanna get ripped off. Anybodies experience would be appreciated. :smoke:
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    I'm new at this too, are seed companies known for ripping people off?
  7. Yes there are A LOT of seed companies that are shells and only a scam. There are also lots with shitty service and communication. This website is new, there weren't any seeds listed at all a week ago.

    At the prices I might take a gamble with whatever their cheapest seeds are, just for the sake of letting you guys know if they are legit or not.
  8. Naw, only the ones aussiegrower138 promotes. The ones he beefs about are all top notch. ;)
  9. This cant be legit in australia
  10. If it was an Australian page wouldn't it be

    And I'm from Australia anyone know any good legit online seed banks that ship to australia??

  11. ^ It's in Australia
  12. So then I'd get my seeds relatively fast? And how are you so sure it's in Australia?

  13. Cause I order from them and it's in Aus Post Express Post
  14. considering its still illegal to possess and sell seeds etc. to my knowledge atleast, im gonna take a stab and say these seeds have bin heat treated
  15. I tried to order, (i also live down under)
    Recieved the Confirmation email telling me to email them back asking on how to pay.
    so i did this, and have not recieved anything.

    Also sent a follow up email, to the "hushmail" address,
    but still have recieved no correspondance.
  16. see Highgrade Seeds - Highest Quality Marijuana Seeds Online - they ship to OZ and they guarantee safe delivery.
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    Thanks bro checking it out now!

    Edit: just ordered Ak,Purple diesel and white widow.
    Will post with any updates!
  18. Is it just me but did Aussie seed bank website shutdown?

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