Its Grow Time.

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  1. What up GC? Well get ready for a grow. Ill be starting an apartment grow pretty soon... and I'll be dedicating it to GC! If it werent for all you guys I wouldn't have a clue right about now.

    The strains will be White Rhino and NL for a total of 6 plants. I'll have 3 White Rhino and 3 NL under 1 600 watt Metal Halide for veg 18/6 and 1 600 watt HPS light for flowering 12/12.

    Ill be splitting a 10 x 10 room into 2 5 x 5 rooms, and putting mylar up in both rooms. My lights which will both be under design affective hoods.

    All this will be surrounded by C02 filled air that I will have on 3 times a day for....meh about 1 hour at a time. Ill be spritzing them too.

    All this air will be blown out with 1 dayton fan. 495 CFM and be circulated with 2 oscilating fans (1 for veg, 1 for flower)

    This will be a Hydroponic grow:hello:.

    I haven't decided If I'm going to build my own reservoirs or buy them, but either way I'll have 2 of them. One will be for veg, and the other for flower. They'll both fit 6 plants each, and I'll be clearing the water every week or 2.

    The basic Idea here is to have 1 mother plant with 6 other vegging plants, and 6 flowering plants. for a grand total of 13 plants. 6 vegging (mother excluded) and 6 budding at a time.

    My plan is to veg for 2 weeks, and then flower for 6-8. Hopefully I see yields around 1/2 lb every 2 months.

    Now I have a couple questions.

    1)Will that one dayton be enough? Or is it over excessive and I should just go for a 265 CFM?

    2) Considering all the info you have, are my yields realistic? Or am I underestimating a little?

    Ill post up more questions and info as needed. Thanks:smoke:

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