ITs going to work out.

Discussion in 'General' started by Buzzwell420, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. there is power in our thoughts.

    say this as you smoke, as you walk, and you work.

    theres alot of people on board this thing,
    and we gotta keep our cool

    its like thomas the tank engine, I think i can i think i can.
  2. ......every thread I see you make...never makes sense...:confused: or maybe i'm just too high all the time.
  3. Buzzwell is brilliant...It is understandable why a lot of people wouldn't understand his threads, brilliance has a way of sneaking past most people and not being remembered for its contributions to the society around it.

    Oh, but Buzz..."It's going to work out."

    You forgot your apostrophe, but I agree anyway.:cool:
  4. dude, it's ALL in your thoughts.

    seriously. if you think something, honestly believe it, it'll become your reality. the reason poor people stay poor is because that's just how they see themselves. the poor kid who is now rich/famous didn't see himself the same was, he saw himself as a rich and famous person long before everyone else did.

    i envisioned myself in my current position at work. I did so frequently for maybe a month or so, just imagining myself in the job, feeling like I have the job. Not, I will have the job, I do have it. If you believe something will happen soon, well, it'll never happen because it will just keep happening soon (just like you believe). So believe like it already has happened. I pictured myself working the job I wanted. I now have that job. Everything in my life is a result how I envision myself.
  5. I agree with everything you posted except for that. A positive mind frame helps definatly helps achieve goals. It helps propel you to where you want to be. I've used a similar technique in my career and it has helped.

    But you do not have complete control over your destiny. Your house could get destroyed in a fire/flood without having the proper insurance. You could be an athlete and blow out your knee. You can get falsely accused for stealing at work and be fired. Misfortune can stop someone with the skill and the drive to succeed, to fail at attaining a goal.
  6. That's kinda the point. When you FEEL wealthy, the physical world means NOTHING in terms of defining you.

    Just look at all the people who have overcome their physical limitations. There's a guy, has no hands but wanted to play drums. He saw himself as a drummer, and overcame his physical limitations and is now quite the player. Many disabled people don't overcome their "limitations," because they seem them as that, a limitation. The guy with now hands drumming up a storm? He never saw a limitation. He just saw himself, playing the drums.

    And that gets to obtaining physical wealth as well... the man with no hands believed he was a drummer, and everything fell into place for him to reach that goal (with much effort, or course).

    If a person with no money to his name FEELS wealthy, he is as rich as any man can be.

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