It's going to get really ugly

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    It's going to get really ugly
    DrugWarRant / Pete Guither / 07,26,2010

    Thanks to Logan for pointing out this nasty internet ad by the anti-proposition-19 folks:
    The ad goes on to read…
    As California goes, do does the
    rest of the country.​
    “do does”? OK, we didn’t say they were literate.
    This November, Californian’s [sic] will go to the polls and decide if they want to legalize the use and cultivation of Marijuana. Your state could be next. Bus drivers, forklift operators, hospital technicians, crossing guards who might be stoned could be coming to your community.
    Seems to me that bus drivers, forklift operators, hospital technicians, crossing guards, doctors, teachers, judges, police, and (ironic mothers? — not sure what the image on the left is supposed to represent) should be pretty offended by the implications of this ad and want to support the other side.
    [​IMG] On the radio, we have Democrat Michael Rubio, a Kern County supervisor who is running for state senate in Bakersfield. He apparently decided he could get more visibility for his campaign by running radio ads against legalization. (Maybe someone from Bakersfield can explain this.) Listen here.
    Of course, he rails against “legalized potheads driving around.” I’m afraid we’re going to hear a lot more about those in the days to come. Facts, of course, won’t matter much from that side of this debate.
    Oddly, he starts by calling it “legalizing the — quote — recreational use of marijuana —”
    Um, no. It is in fact legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. I’m not sure what the purpose of the “quote” is. I know it was fashionable for prohibitionists to put quotes around the term “medical marijuana” to ridicule the idea that it was really medicine. But is he saying that “recreational marijuana” isn’t… recreational? What is it, work?
    When pot is legal, will the following conversation be taking place?
    Sarah: “Hey, you want to go to a movie?”
    George: “Oh, I wish I could! No, I have to get stoned and drive a car and run over some kids. Hey, it’s a living.”
    Update: They’re probably alerted to the mistakes in the ad, so Roger Salazar will be stepping in to clean it up and straighten out the drunks on his staff. When that happens, here’s a pdf of how it originally appeared.

    Update 2: The ad has been removed. Currently, I’m getting a “Directory Listing Denied” at that page, and another ad they had aimed at California audiences is also gone.

    There’s something horribly, treasonously wrong in a country of the people, by the people and for the people, where the government functions by lying to the people. Guitherism
  2. well said good sir:cool:
  3. If I didn't read the article, the ad itself makes me feel comforted lol. I see a judge and a cop with joints in their mouth, even my doctor woohoo! And they look pleased, the teacher is really happy. Smokeless joints...hmmm
  4. Maybe it's those new e-cigarettes that you can vape with.:hello:
  5. Of course everyone is gonna start smoking mj 24/7 once it is legalized. I mean I went to the dentist the other day and when I had to swoosh he handed me some of his Jack Daniel. This is a sad and lame attempt of convincing someone that it shouldn't be legalized.
  6. Ok I definitely wouldn't feel comfortable with my dentist having a bottle of jack daniels while he's drilling in my teeth...haha.
  7. People need to be drinking and smoking cigarettes. If we let them smoke some herb then all hell is gonna break lose.

  8. This ad is just pathetic, not much else you can say about it..... But on a side note I would LOVE to blaze up with that sexy teacher:D lol
  9. what the hell does that lady on the left have to do with anything. i mean all the other pictures are of professionals (minus the cop). weak add, looks like a pop up.
  10. I believe she represents a housewife,she looks angry enough to be one,been putting up with a couple of spoilt ass kids all day and she needs to blaze.....bad

    Can you imagine what the people are going to think of their government when they blaze the first time and get so bent they can't function,then wake up the next morning,without hugging the commode to hang on? We tokers are already mad at our legislators for creating and supporting this travesty,with no real justification. Lets see how they explain to the whole country that they thought they were doing the right thing even in the face of all the evidence of clinical testing showing possible cancer treatment and blocking
  11. weak sauce ad
  12. that cute girl probably already smokes pot...
    that doctor probably already smokes pot...
    that teacher probably already smokes pot...
    that judge looks like he totally smokes pot...
    that cop definitely smokes every bag he confiscates...
  13. Replace the words "potheads" and "stoned" with "alcoholics" and "drunk" in this article, and you'll quickly see the fallacy of this idiots logic behind this campaign.

    Just because it's made legal doesn't automatically give everyone a free ticket to be stoned 24 hours a day. I hate it when people act like no one can ascertain personal responsibility over marijuana if it becomes legal. Hell, it's a LOT easier to control than someone who is physically addicted to alcohol or legal painkillers, both of which kill thousands of people every day, and probably put far more innocent lives in danger than marijuana ever could.

  14. I think that's kinda the point he's making. Alcohol is legal for 21 and over, so does that mean everybody is drinking, and everybody is driving under the influence, and everybody is drinking on the job/before the job? Of course not. Just as the dentist doesn't have a bottle of JD on his desk, the dentist won't be smoking joints there, either. The smart ones won't, anyways...

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