Its going to be one hell of a day

Discussion in 'General' started by JobCorps, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. So my birthday was on wed. i turned 19
    well yesterday i got wrecked off some bacardi superior and kush
    and i still have bacardi left over cuz i was the only one drinking from it
    but i also have 3oz of codeine with promethazine syrup

    i was thinking maybe drink some bacardi right now at 3:00pm and drink that purple drank later tonight
    but not sure if its safe to mix that imma about to look it up

    ill let yall know how it turns out if i can lol
  2. Lol at jobcorps
  3. all day...everday.
  4. all day...every hour.
  5. Sippin on dat sizzurp, sip, sippin on dat sip
    Sippin on dat sizzurp, sip, sippin on dat sip
  6. you think its dangerous to drink some bacardi superior
    then drink purple drank???

    i googled it and havent found nothing..........
  7. nah homie your straight.

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