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It's going to be a girl

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Dec 20, 2001.

  1. Not weed related!

    Me and the wifey found out yesterday that our future baby is going to be a little female! After having two boys this will be a great change. Does any one have any thoughts on being the father to a girl?

    She will be born around the 15th of may.
    We are going to name her Samantha Nicole, or Arica Nicole.

    Which do you think would be best?
  2. That ought to get me flamed pretty good eh?
    Don't buy into that "it's a girl" for sure thing either. My doctor and 3 sonogram techs told me that daughter #2 was a boy! Ain't nothing guaranteed! Pick out a boy's name just to be safe.

    You'll do fine dad!
  3. I will keep my fingers crossed that it is a girl, Bud Head!! Congratulations, a little girl to spoil will be so much fun...and so much heartache ;) .

    As for the name, well, I like Arica Nicole.

    I hope the wifey is feeling good with the pregnancy and that all goes well!
  4. Congratulations, but watch out! I have a co-worker who has raised 3 very large, scary-looking trouble-making boys and one girl who is now a teenager, and she says her daughter is worse than her 3 boys combined! lol :)

    Girls are very sweet, I'm excited for you! I like the name Arica Nicole as well...
    Best of wishes and happy holidays~
  5. You know i'm excited! I have already spelled her name wrong! It's spelled Erica Nicole.
    Smokie rest asured that if this is not a girl, it will have serious problems , the girl doing the ultrasound said there was no dingie! A boy with out a dingie is indead a girl! Am i right?

    Thanks ganja, now i feel much better!

    Thanks stony for the uplift. Keep your fingers crossed only when you don't need them! hahaha
    The wifey is doing well. The baby is doing great as well.

    Ya'll have a great day!
  6. Congrats to you and the family Bud for having a baby girl. My #2 is a sweet little girl who can wrap her big daddy around her little finger. Spoil her rotten and love her for the gift that she is.

    As for a name I tend to think critterina, smokinokana, tazzette, unoitina, or bigpoppapuffina would be fine names for your baby girl.

  7. BPP I am only going to have one girl. Which name do you think I should use?
    Spoil her rotten? you've got to be kidding! I would NEVER do that!

    Hey Smokie are you sure the baby wasn't giving you the finger? Her hand might have been on her tummy when the ultra sound was being done!
  8. aaaw babygirls *glances around for her son*are the best.sugar and spice and everything nice thats what little girls are made of-sure.....
    have fun,...
    p.s. theres no way to prepare yourself. :)
  9. hi there and it's great to see excited pops. (i am F but don't really feel it , I think in a past life i was a black man??? but i'll save that for a different thread) Any back to names i really love Rastas and Reaggae so my son is Aaron Reuben and my girl is Reggae choose what feels or sounds right but i do agree that girls are very hard work ( i know i'm one)
  10. Thanks people for the warm words.

    The name we decided on is Samantha Nicole.

    Smokie we did pick out a boys name (just in case). I am not going to post it though. I don't want to lean towards a boy till it happens.

    The wifes neice had a baby boy yesterday in Indianna. Zachary weighed 7lbs 12ozs and 21 inches long. He's healthy as he can be.

    Life is wonderfull. Kids make it a thousand times better or worse.

    Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

  11. Congrats... May she grow up to be as wise as her ol' man budhead... and yeah... i'm pretty sure u r right. :D heehee

    Does she automatically become an honourary blade once she pops out?

  12. Getting closer by the day. The woman who did the ultra sound yesterday said it is still a girl. Momma and the baby are coming along well. The Dr. told us that every thing is looking very good. The baby is kicking the heck out of mom's belly. It is kind of funny to see the belly move when the baby is moving around.

    I'll keep you updated as we get closer to the due date.

    Good Day all!
  13. lmao @ still a girl but congrats

  14. LOL!!!
  15. call her samantha man.
  16. Her name will be Samantha Nicole.

    I am getting to old to be having more kids. Thats why Ihave had a vasectomy!
  17. Good Luck on the baby girl. They have a way of wrapping their big old bad daddies around their little fingers.
  18. My Baby girl turned 22 in Jan., but her birth is still one of the finest points in my life!!!!! Little girls are so cool, and like to hang with Dad!! Was a Tomboy, but wanted to dress like Cindy Lauper( Lol, datin' myself there eh? ) At 5yrs. asked me in a VERY serious voice.."Dad, for Easter, instead of a new dress, can I get a Fishin' pole??Has been a source of joy to me every day of her life (even through "dark" times)..............Also a fine excuse to purchase a new shotgun....nothing impresses a prospective suitor as a classic double-barrell..HaHaHa...:smoking:
  19. Have you seen the ultrasound procedure? I did for both of my kids and I was able to see pretty well for my daughter.

    (She stuck 'er ass right in the air for us. No mistakin' it for her. My son had his cord in the way.... the modesty continues to this day.)

    And highawatha had it right! There is no planning for it. :D My son was easy as a baby (considering he was the first), my daughter had colic for at least a month. (I now have nerves of titanium)

    I bet there are more gray hairs in store for me when she becomes ............................................................... sexually active.

    One more gray just sprouted. I felt it!

    God, if the womb pictures are any indication of future behavior!

    But she is a daddy's girl and she just melts my heart. Well worth the weeks of screaming for hours per day.

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