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Its Going To Be A Fun Night

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by supersmoker38, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. A really fun one.:hello:

    The greenery (just some mids)

    My friend rolled up John 3:16 for fun. (Barely smoked like 2 hits, then we broke it open and put it in a bowl)

    And the finale! Some homer simpsons and ninja turtles.

    Sorry for the bad quality it was my phone.
  2. Careful with those turtles, there pipe bombs usually.

  3. Yeah I've heard that too. But one of my best friends took two yesterday and said he was rollin balls, so hopefully mine aren't speed bombs either.
  4. ninja turtles and homer simpsons LOL, the names never get old.
  5. I see those things all the time. What do they do and how long do they last?
  6. its x, go to and look at mdma effects
  7. ecstasy is for the children. taking strange shaped pills has landed a few friends of mine in institutions due to being twacked out for days on end.

  8. :rolleyes:
  9. Careful with the E. Changed my ENTIRE outlook on life the one time I did it.
  10. those pills look sick, have fun
  11. some people call the ninga turtles the green turtles, dont ask me why

    But I will never take bible paper and rip it to roll up some weed,
    I think thats just too far disrespectful and disgraceful to religion.
    ^ No im not some uptight asshat, thats just my opinion.

    But have fun with them pills. and homer simpsons are kinda old, people use to have the homers alot but , word got around alot of those were pipe bombs, which they were, so people didnt sell those no more.

    You might wanna test them tho, unless you really trust your dealer.
  12. Yeah my buddy took two the day before and said nothing felt wrong with him, so i trusted the way the night has passed and i was rollin balls, pretty amazing day
  13. yeah those have bad raps for bein pipe thizz. have fun with it though :) and the bud

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