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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Superjoint, Jan 23, 2001.

  1. Hi new fellow smokers and hemp droolers, everybody is so cool with their reactions, I don't now what to say, It's becoming better every day [​IMG] . The time difference with the states and amsterdam may result that my reactions to your post is sometimes late, but I try to read it all, for the new members, for help and guidance go to budburner, aeroblurg, reverend baker and truthseeker the utlimate cool admininstrators of this board. Like I said before, I'm working my ass off to get new members, so we can have the coolest community.
    I'm trying to make it ready for a shitload of traffic I'm expecting in april ,when we have a big advertorial in Hightimes magazine, I hope a lot new members from the magazine. People I love your post, I cannot say this often enough, you make me happy [​IMG]


  2. Kind words from "The Man" - which he shall be known as from this day on!

    I can't wait to see what things these boards will be seeing in the near-future, so far everything is quite ideal - a friendly stoner community all wanting to share their love for their #1 loved plant.. cannabis.

    That's all for now, BYE!
  3. Superjoint is not only "The Man" but he is GOD. SJ you are very kind. I am happy to call this site my home. The people here aren't like "yea, I fucking smoked then fucked some bitch." Everyone here is nice, intelligent (yea even you deadhead), and fun to speak with.

  4. Thanks, Superjoint.

    I'm happy to be a part of the coffeeshop. (the unofficial name of the bb)

    It's cool to see all the new members. Things are beginning to pick up.


    Peace [​IMG]

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  5. You Da Man SuperJoint, You Da Man!

  6. Yeah way to go're holding it down =)

    I can't wait to see this site 2-3 months from now... definitely a beautiful place to be!

    Music: Live it. Love it. Don't ever stop listening.
  7. Thanx Musicalherb, I think we will be very surprised in three months with the results.


  8. Oh I'm quite sure we will!

  9. hell, i am very impressed already. i spend all my online time here now. there is so much to learn and so many folks to try and get to know. bigger is always better when it comes to smoke, so why not this bb too.

    keep it up SJ!!
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  10. yeh sj, everythings going great. i love posting here. im sure this is going to grow into one of the largest online weed communitys.
  11. I love this place. It has become like my home away from home even though I am really home. You guys are high-you know what I mean.

    Peace, love and happiness to all who post here!!! ;)
  12. :eek: Hey SuperJ,
    This might not be timely, I've been away from here. I remember joining C-A way before you went on-line. I learned of this site at They have grown so massive, they are presently expanding (computer stuff). I know it's very expensive to up-grade and expand (my son is a computer engineer/networking engineer, I still have half a dozen coputers working out of my home. If I could have half the cion I've spent on his education and computer stuff. Only kidding!!!

    My point (I digressed), you may consider going very large with your site capibility. You will so see the same growth as OG. People are starving for connections and community. It's just a thought. Wow, that was a long post, for my first.

    Happy Trails to all,


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