Its getting worse, and by worse I mean better

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dayv41, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. K so the other day my usual dealer was dry. So i called a friend of mine i knew could get me some. Well I am extremely ADD and so i was on my 30mg XR medication and I was trying my friends bud for the first time. Well this bud got me an incredibly different high (I had to smoke alot more of this bud to get as stoned as i wanted though) and to top it off I was on adderall. well once it set in i started trippin out like never before and acting crazy, not like my usual stoned self. So what do my friends do (who were also incredibly stoned) to freak me out.... Strobe lights, beatles - revolution number 9, and put the windows media player effects on. It was one of the worst yet coolest things ive ever experienced. I was seeing things that werent there for the first time ever, when my friends would walk towards me sitting on the couch it would look like they were growing taller at an incredibly fast rate, and then if id try to touch the computer screen it would feel like it never ended (due to the crazy windows media player effects). I doubt I can ever do it again, I guess it was just the right setting, but i cant wait to try.
  2. nice dude i love trippin like that
  3. you just reminded me, i need to buy a strobe light for 420 :p

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