it's getting cold here!

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  1. Can anyone help?
    I have two well budded plants which prob have a week or two to go till havest.
    BUT ......IT'S GETTING COLD and im worried they will die, should i cut now to prevent death of my babies?
  2. what are the strains? Where is your area? What time does the first frost usually come?
  3. I don't Know the strain, i'm in East Anglia England and the frost starts late sep /early oct.
  4. could have a problem tonight! Basically 6 degrees C and above, you should be ok, below, and that spells trouble!
    I'm in the same situation as you are, only slight advantage of being in Somerset. But next 7-10 days crucial!
    good luck.
  5. Thanx MCURRY for that. hope yours Works out OK.
    Roll a phat one for me!
  6. Went ok last night! so keeping fingers crossed, should have an excellent harvest. I looked at the East Ang temps, i guess you also survived! Hopefully we will both have a phat one! or two....
  7. One last thing,what is the best way to dry or cure once cut?
    Do I use the brown paper bag way or just leave it in a drawer or cupboard?(First time doing this properly).
  8. The only way to really dry is to chop the plant, cut off the fan leaves and hang the rest to dry. It will take about 7-14 days to dry. The drying process ideally should be in an area that is dark and ventillated, i use a spare bedroom and put an oscillating fan in the room, works fine.(room temp approx 20C).
    Then you need to cure! this can be done quite simply by using any airtight container (tupperware), each day you need to turn the bud and release the air, don't let the bud get damp from condensation hence release the air.
    Personally i very rarely bother with curing, once dry i sell and smoke! then plant the next crop!
    good luck
  9. Cheers mate ,at least someone out there doesn't say any bullshit and tells it straight!
    Good luck on yours for the future.
  10. you can just simply hang it up and let it dry out! no need for all that puttin it in a dark room shit, and wots the point in a tupperware box?
  11. sorry, missread wot u put bout u dont bother doin that usually
  12. well first off whos saying bullshit, there isn't too much bullshit in this site thats not taken care of.

    anyways, yeah its getting cold here too, i have a few more weeks probably before frost but i don't have much bud on my plants, there unknown strains, they where started late and i live in eastern usa. On a few of the plants the main buds are 2-4 inches long, i have a ton of other lil buds on all my plants but most arn't even an inch long yet and there not growing too tight. They need a while to go but i don't have a while, i'm not going to get much bud, oh well as long as i get something and it keeps me from looking for a dealer for a few days. I don't see me even getting an ounce and i have 8 plants, lol.
  13. Well for your information my plants have allready budded and i've had one crop off allready!
    So i don't think weve had a bad year .

  14. I doubt that you are! lol

    However I'm sorry about the yield you get! Have only managed around 400 gram per plant this year! lol
  15. Im in uk to...northwest. Ive been pretty fortunate so far but this last week its got way cold....

    Ive two plants budding well.....i recken from all ive read and stuff that ive about a week to 10 days left to go... of my plants has turned purple! is that normal? i read that leave will get a shade of purple when theres a lack of phosphrus....but then again ive also read that some strains will do as the plant matures towards the end of the budding cycle.

    Wot do i do? harvest now or take the chance....

    Frustrated Farma Phatty
  16. It's all right man the plants gone purple because of the cold .
    just be careful the ground doesn't freeze.If your plants are ready they should have 75% brown to amber hairs and also check the crystals with a hand held microscope or strong magnafying glass, they should be milky .but if your worried it doesn't matter if you chop early you will just get a different high,check out the grow faqs and this should give you enough info.Good luck fellow Brit and keep smoking.
  17. cheers bud :)

    much appreciated.

    Will i still be able to smoke the leaves too?
  18. you can smoke the leaves if you want, but it really dosent do much
  19. I think ill use the leaves instead of tobacco then!

    thanks :)

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