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Its gettin old MANNNN

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NorLIGHTS, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Been tokin for a while now and im running out of smoking ideas.

    Ive tried,
    tulip Joints
    Sobe waterfalls

    Anybody use any devices not listed? And no i dont want the diy plastic soda can bong crap that people make.
  2. Oh hell best one isnt on the list. Find a steamroller. Its like the coolest thing to smoke in my opinion
  3. yeah, steamrollers are a really nice change. cant wait to hit mine for the first time in 9 months in a couple weeks!
  4. Vortex pipe. I really want one but can't find one anywhere. Anyways it's a glass pipe with a pretty big middle chamber. The chamber has holes in it so when you inhale smoke it's like a mini tornado going into your mouth.

    Check them out on youtube they look pretty cool.

    It's pretty much the same thing as smoking from a pipe, you just get a cool effect and bigger hits because you get more air with the smoke.
  5. brownies once. but couldnt tell the difference between smoking and edibles because i had smoked before taking em.
  6. Ever smoke a cross joint?

    It's the apex of the vortex of joint engineering.
  7. Try perfecting the cannabis leaf cigar. Pure chronic cigar. If you can perfect one of those, then smoking them couldn't ever get old.
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    Bongs - hit a bigger bong, one with ice, a smaller bong, or a crazy zong
    Vaporizers - taste different strains & different types of vapes
    Bubblers - buy a new bub, or hit others, all pipes are not created equal
    Bowls - buy a new pipe, or make a new one
    Blunts - roll the fattest blunt you ever have, or an oo-op
    Joints - roll a bigger one, try making them really fat, or really long or cross joint, or even a double cross joint
    tulip Joints - roll a bigger one than ever before
    Waterfalls- make/hit different sizes and shapes
    Apples - use some other fruits, make your apple pipe in a new way

    There is an endless amount possibilities
    so it can never really get old...

    I love one-hitters also,
    especially when I need to conserve
  9. WHAT about the awesome CHillum!!! cmon man! :hello:
  10. Have you tried a gravity bong? Those are pretty killer
  11. I know what you mean man! I got super bored for a while. I've had a vape, like 6 bongs, 4 bubblers, 3 dry bowls, a steam roller, a 3L Grav bong/ waterfall.

    So I started making my own pieces :)

    I got a diamond tipped drill bit to cut holes in glass bottles, I prefer the arizona iced tea glasses. I've made double, even triple chambered bongs.. Percolators and diffusers... its crazy fun, but I'm a hands on type of guy. I always like coming up with/ making new home-made bongs every now and then...
  12. #12 Five To One, Feb 14, 2009
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    Just stick around GC youll see every idea imaginable.... trust me you haven't done it all :)

  13. QFT. I'm surprised no ones mentioned The Lung. It's definitely a killer.
  14. Instead of changing what you're smoking out of, try changing your activities and environment after smoking.
  15. Earth pipes, dude. Smoke them shits African style.
  16. Dude, get a gasmask with a bong attachment.

    Stick a blunt of dank in that...and youll enjoy life again.
  17. You all sound like novelty smokers. I smoke for the buzz as well as for medicinal purposes, not for the paraphernalia. I've been smoking for 20 years and don't see it as ever getting old. Is it just me?

  18. Those fuck you up seriously! Last time I had a gravity bong I was completely blazed off one hit for about 2 1/2 hours and nicely high for about another hour and a half after that! If you havent had it, go do it.

    Besides, I have a cheap little 7 dollar pipe for the 10% of the time I smoke alone, and it makes me high. I really dont care what I smoke, if your you get high, and it lasts long enough what else matters?
  19. yes! gasmask!
  20. Make some edibles.

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