Its funny how one's taste in music can change when you mature a bit..

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  1. I used to be the biggest rap guy ever. Like, no joke, all rap, all the time. I always knew rock was really good and i played the guitar a lot but still, it was rap i listened to 80% of the time..

    After a while tho, i slowly started to realize that rap is the same thing, every time. All they talk about is killing people, doing drugs and how much drugs they sell, the money theyre so in love with, and having sex. And a lot of times its worse than sex, its rape and murder and worse even...
    Yes, i know to rap does take skill, and yes, i know some rappers do say the sickest shit sometimes. But still, what's so cool about killing people? I know people who have died and honestly, death is not cool. I have seen people throw their lifes away to the gangster life and you wanna know the ONLY two places that gets you? prison, or the graveyard.
    And when they talk about girls, its not girls, its bitches and hoes. And i dont know about you guys, but im not too fond of bitches or hoes.
    And money, god damned money. What the fuck is so cool about money? Money sucks dick, i mean yeah in this day and age you gotta have it, but shit i gotta have air too, i dont brag about killing people for air and how cool air is.

    Now i want you guys all to know, in no way is this biased. I have lived in the ghetto most my life, i grew up around drugs, money and gangsters and i used to think it was cool.. But it's just not.. at all. Those things just fuck peoples lives up

    Another reason i sort of stopped listening to rap is i thought, once, that if i met half the rappers out there, they would be all up in your face, trying to act like a thug and show you how fucking cool they are. Who wants to listen to someones music if in real life you'd wanna sock them in the face?
    I wish this was the time when black guys wrote beautiful songs and played instruments, not talked about killing people all day...

    But still, i have to say, a lot of rap songs are really good. And a lot of the rappers out there are really good. But those are the ones that put their sould out there, not the ones who want to seem cool

    Sorry for the rant, but you know what i mean, right?
  2. this poster is an idiot
  3. You must've listened to rap played over the Top 40 radio station, eh?
  4. Actually no i never ever listened to the radio, radio rap and the shit i used to listen to are two different ball parks.

    And Mfdoom, how am i an idiot?
  5. I totally feel you. Im all about that eclectic ish. Appreciating music for what it is, listening to it and just feeling it out, thinking what you like or dont like about it.
  6. Thank you, someone. And its not at all like im saying, "i used to like rap now fuck the shit." Im just saying, why do you gotta have your whole life and all your thoughts and music revolve around money, guns and girls.
  7. your putting rap in a box and stereotyping it the same way people say all stoners are irresponsible and lazy.
  8. Hey budluver did you read my original post?
    Dude, in no way AT ALL am i sterotyping. I totally understand that not all rap is like that, i realize a lot of rap is good music, and isn't all about that..
    And i used to get told the same shit im saying all the time, i never actually thought about it tho. But i realized its just simple fact, a good 80% of rap songs have those things in them. And im not saying any song with that stuff in it is a bad song, im just saying it gets sort of old
  9. Saying 80% of rap revolves around those subjects is ignorant. You are an ignorant douche. I like other music too, but to say that you mature out of rap b.c. it all revolves around those subjects is completely stupid.

    I hate dumbasses who say "bro im not stereotyping! i know its not all like that" yet they just fucking said that in their original post.
  10. you are contradicting yourself
  11. this too.
  12. This is just a thread made by a dumbass who thinks he knows hip hop but hes really just a dumbass.

  13. Where in his post did it say 80 % of rap revolved around those subjects? I think before you make yourself look like a bigger idiot, you should re-read his post once more.
  14. "But i realized its just simple fact, a good 80% of rap songs have those things in them."

    You sir have been owned.
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    A dumbass who thinks he knows hip hop? Bro, i used to have 16 gigs of music on my old computer, and atleast 14 of those were rap. I had every album of tech n9ne, eminem, dr dre, tupac, nas and more. I had a cd of almost every member of wu-tang, RZA being my favorite, either him or method man. I even had one and some extra songs by KRS-one. I had mac dre, messy marv, celly cell, mac wayne. Immortal technique was my favorite for a while. Andre nickatina comes out of my head phones still. And i listened to the fuckin duo of havoc and prodigy..

    Dont know hip hop? Shit man, i know hip hop

    And god damn, i didnt want to start a war, its not either rock or rap? Im just saying
    And how was i contradicting myself Budluver? You ever heard of bill withers? Jimi hendrix? Bob marley? BB King? Muddy Waters? I said why cant they write songs and play instruments, like them
  16. Right here:

  17. Only the mainstream rap and hip hop are about guns, girls, and money.....and not even all mainstream is trash.
  18. well the 2 biggest criticizers here listen to Nas and MF DOOM, so they obviously have good taste in music too. i think all agree that rap has potential, but makes it worse when there is a focus on money/bitches/crack/guns
  19. then listen to some real shit, bro
  20. I wasn't owned, I was reading his first post. The fact he uses the number '80' as a percentile for everything, is where I was thrown off. Before you get on your high horse, I hope you remember theres a little thing called a mistake.

    Regardless, how did this ever become a flame thread? I swear the point of this is the OP saying he realizes that real rap music has faded and been overthrown by mainstream non-sense which is true. There is still good music out there, but instead of rap, he looks in every aphex of the music sheet and understands there is way more music than rap that can accomodate the same feeling, hell, even better probably.

    Whatever, people will probably still post to put this guy down so I said what I had to before immaturity plagued this thread.

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