its friday, you aint got no job, and you aint got shit to do!

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  1. who else is gonna have a kick ass friday!?

    im pickin up 1/4 of the finest, 2 big ass bottles of patron and hennessey, 2 bitches, and me and my homeboys gettin crunk at the club! at the end of the night imma look like this :p

    anybody excited for the weekend post it up!!
  2. You know its only Thursday right?
  3. Nice. Enjoy man. I'm gonna be going on 5 weeks sober tomorrow.

    [ame=]YouTube - It's Friday......You ain't got No Job...Rick James[/ame]
  4. yea but im out of school till monday so i kinda start my weekend early. my college schedule only consists of classes mon-thurs
  5. me toooo, cept my last class is wednesday. 4 day weekend errry week wussgood
  6. Win! :hello:
  7. hahah you lucky mafucka, i thought i had it good wit 3 days off
  8. Worked a few hours overtime early in the week so I get out of work at 11:30 tomorrow, excited enough about that
  9. Nice, getting out early on a friday is always a treat.

    I get out of class at 11:00 and I'm heading back to my home town to help a buddy trim up this years harvest and collect my free bud.
  10. that sounds awesome
  11. damn your lucky lol i have class tomoro till 1:00 then im getting out goin to hang out with my roomate and acouple of friends and just chill and smoke abunch lol what we do every friday starting at 4:20 lol but my saturday should be better meeting up with some ladies lol.
  12. School until 3 then a doctor's appointment at 3:40. Probably jack shit after that.
  13. Haha, it's a yearly ritual.

    We roll up a whole bunch of joints and put them in a bowl in the middle of the table, get out the bong and pack it up. Then we get fried and get to work. Trimming is actually kind of fun.
  14. well sheeeeet im gonna stay up all night playin xbox, then go to sleep around 6 or 7, wake up at 5:30pm tomorrow, get blitzed with freinds, come home and go to sleep.
    oh shit wait, its friday tomorrow!! im going to play body body with this reel chill dude, ima be high and its gonna be awesome.
  15. Ever play the card game, mafia? It's like that, but people run around and actually kill people. It's incredibly fun, and we play every friday in this huge old church, omg its insane.
  16. Nah man never heard of it.

    But you actually kill people? lol
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    Alright, lemme explain this game to you. I think it's the best game of all time.
    If, for example, there are 20 people, then you need 20 cards from a deck, 17 number cards, two kings, and a queen. Everyone gets in a circle, and someone goes around the circle and gives everyone a card. If someone sees another person's card, you have to re-deal. The numbers are townspeople - they just run around. The queen is a nurse, she can heal dead people. The two kings are mafia, or killers. They can kill someone, by tapping them on the shoulder. Then, the townsperson or nurse is dead. They fall onto the floor, and they have to lay still and be quiet until someone finds them or heals them. If the nurse finds them, they touch the dead person and say 'You are healed.' Then the dead person is back alive, and can tell others who killed him. If another townsperson finds them, they scream 'BODY BODY!!' and everyone goes to a main room, and people try to figure out who are the killers. They can vote to execute someone, but it has to be a majority. Then if someone dies, or if there is no majority, they go out and do it all again. The entire point of the game is for the two killers to kill all of the townspeople, and the townspeople to execute the two killers.

    Go here and read 'Cutthroat Mafia', that's what I'm trying to describe.

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