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Its Friday night motha fuckas!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Super Greens, May 30, 2009.

  1. What ya'll up to?? Me, shit.. just sippin on some vodka and smoking some chronic ass bud with my buddy. Feeling damn good haha, so how is your guy's Friday night going?:smoke::D
  2. Using this thread to get to 1,200 posts

    But seriously, I move out of my parent's house in the morning and I'm not sure if I'll be able to sleep. I'm looking over at most of the stuff I'll be taking with me and it's kind of enlightening to know that you can just pack up your life and go out somewhere.
  3. Mine's been rather boring...tried to go out with the homies...plans fell through.

    Then tried to score some bud...called up each of the 6 connects I have...either they weren't answering their phones or they couldn't come through...

    Oh well...tomorrow should be good. One of my connects said he could come through tomorrow and Saturday evening I'm probably heading down to a giant house party if all goes well...

    Hope my fellow blades have had a better night than me! :)
  4. it's aight, just about to smoke a lot of weed
  5. Sucks when plans fall through but hey..tommrow is another day...

    as for me I had to work on this saturday evening...but tommrow gettin high and drunk all the next 4 days off...:p
  6. Picked up some good earlier.

    Rooms been smokey all day :smoke:
  7. I was chillin' with this girl a little earlier, and in a bit I'm going to drink some Vodka.
  8. Hangin with my girl and about to go smoke some blueberry kush bowls.

    yummy :smoke:
  9. Mine's been boring as fuck, the most interesting thing that happened is my friend coming over riding his new motorbike (Honda CX 650) and showing it off.

    Tommorow should be good tho, gonna chill with some people and smoke......oregano :smoke:
  10. Drank a case of bud..
    No cannabis
    Ate a banging pizza wrap
    Drinkin' some monster
    Gonna listen to some tunes and smoke this cigarette
    Then take a shit.

    Too much info?

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