it's fri.13th! i need a real freaky movie for tonite~

Discussion in 'General' started by daiseyduked, Sep 14, 2002.

  1. does somone have a really really freaky movie for me? i need a good flic for tonite!
  2. thinner.....pretty good...or the shining
  3. thinner? never seen it what type of a flic is it? shinning~good one, seen it plenty
  4. thinner is another steven king movie (I think)...about this guy who pisses off the gypsies who in turn put a curse on him and it progresses from there..its pretty good...
  5. hmmm i like his stuff, i just might check that out tonite thnx!
  6. just a warning..dont get really pissed at me if it ends up not being scary..I saw it a couple years back and I was very stoned and it was late at night, so it scared me, but i dunno if you'll find it as creepy
  7. You are right Nubbin about it being a Stephen King movie, pretty damn good movie, I also recommend John Carpenter's In The Mouth Of Madness. Have'nt seen it in a couple years, but it did freak the holy crap out of me.
  8. Bride of Chucky. =)

  9. i liked it nubbin thnx! not real scarey but good. had that alfred hitchcock twist to it...
  10. I know im kinda late. But night of the living dead would've been ill like.... phil.
  11. Bride of Chucky is what we ended up watching, not knowing it was friday the 13th. It was what was on hand.

    Will there be another sequel?


  12. I hope not!

    Didnt go much on bride of chucky!

    As far as steven king goes, has anyone seen the stand? I just got it on DVD, that is one hell of a film but set aside a good evening for it as its over 6 hrs long!!

    The hellraiserfilms are best for genuine scary stuff I think! and Zombie flicks!!!
  13. i love stephan king. the stand no i have never seen it. but i have the book wich i have never read for some reason. i have to be in a certain mood to be reading stephan king. i forgot i had that book. i'm needing a book to read. just might grab it.

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