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It's fine to toke while taking this (medicine)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cataclismic, May 22, 2010.

  1. Alright I know theres alot of threads but lets have a central thread about what medicine is okay to take and still toke.

    Is sudafed okay?

    Nasal decongestant?




    I have a crazy cold and my nose has been running like a faucet.

  2. Is sudafed okay?- FYI: the stuff dosen't work, but yes

    Nasal decongestant?- Yes, I've done that hundreds of times

    Nyquil?- Yes, no interaction

    Dayquil?- Same as Above

    Zyrtec?- Same as above

    There are only a few drugs if any that counteract with weed in any way.

    I love smoking when I have a cold (IF and only if I have oxymetazoline spray, however) it removes the negative mood you get from being sick.
  3. I'm sorry I don't know the answer to your question but,

    if your nose is running, you should let it run.
    Your nose running is your body trying to get rid of the stuff thats not supposed to be in there.
    If you stop your nose from running, your prolonging your cold.

    If you want to end your cold, go to a sauna and sweat, a lot.
  4. Agree with BobbyBlaze above me. I generally stay away from cough suppressants and decongestants. They treat the symptoms, but can exacerbate your illness. I generally just take an expectorant like Mucinex and some aspirin when I've got a cold/flu.
  5. I was sick on monday and I smoked. It was better than tylenol, I got a mood lift and forgot I was sick.
  6. So before I go toke, I just took a generic version of non drowsy sudafed pe. Now if I die it's all on your hands for false information. So is everyone 100% sure it will not interact negatively at all? :D

  7. You'll be fine. Sudafed PE is basically a placebo anyway.
  8. whats inside of it?

  9. That's not technically true. The reaction to irritation by your nose is to run, and that's meant to clean out anything that's gotten in there. When you have a cold, though, your tissues are irritated and inflamed from the infection. The noses reaction is the same as if it was a foreign contaminant and it runs, but it's not actually getting anything out of there. The best thing you can do is take something to reduce the inflamation and irritation. There's nothing you can do to cure or even shorten the duration of a cold, so you might as well enjoy some relief from the symptoms.

  10. Phenylephrine. Decongestant. Not a placebo. A lot of decongestant manufacturers are moving to this from pseudoepinephrene which can be used to make meth.

  11. Don't know about that last sentence. If you catch them early enough, you can beat them with megadoses of Vitamin C. As soon as I feel one coming on, I grab my Acerola supplements. I've had that feeling of "yuck" when you know you're going to be sick when you wake up tomorrow -- achy, dry throat, etc. -- and I'm usually able to fight it off in a day or two, when it could have lasted a week or more. There's no cure for the common cold, but you can boost your immune system to help fight it.

  12. Sorry, but the vitamin C thing is an old wives tale. There have been a number of studies done and it has no effect. That you think it does is something called "confirmation bias." That means you remember the times it seems to "work" and forget the times it doesn't. That's the same principal homeopathic scam remedies rely on.
  13. There have been studies telling us that marijuana causes cancer, kills brain cells, doesn't alleviate the pain associated with chemotherapy, etc. too. Modern medicine also tells me that my chiropractor doesn't help relieve back pain. Going further, a lot of diseases have symptoms that are psycho-symatic, so if you're right, and I'm just convincing myself that it works, there can still be a tangible benefit.

  14. Modern medical studies don't say that chiropractic doesn't relieve back pain, they say that chiropractic manipulation has exactly the same benefit as therapeutic massage but that the science behind chiropractic and osteopathic medicine is completely bogus, any claims beyond what massage can do are bogus, and many chiropractic procedures are harmful or dangerous.

    If you're happy with doing things that have no benefit and talking yourself into thinking it does, that's your thing and you're welcome to it. But if you're going to post it on the internet as fact, you should be prepared to defend it.
  15. Try some Claritin D or original Sudafed if you're congested. The new formulas have a different medication and don't work well on most people. Ask the pharmacist for them. It is OTC, but you need to sign for it and show id.

    Generally speaking though, cannabis is safe with most drugs. The only issue I see is if you smoke a Sativa that gives you a really racing type of a high. Pseudo-ephedrine can raise your heart rate and blood pressure, so a racy high can feel really awful. Is it dangerous?
  16. If your nose runs in the forest with no one to perceive it....

  17. The only negative drug interaction I've ever seen was with fentanyl patches and medical marijuana. Not a good combination.
  18. ::cough:: psychosomatic ::cough::

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