It's... eating... my... damned... Indica...

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  1. Hello out there fellow growers. Got 2 plants on a scrog in a 2'x8' grow tent, DWC undercurrent system. Quarantined room. Somehow something has made it into my tent and I can't find it anywhere. This little bastard is eating my plant. One of the plants is Sativa dominant and one is Indica dominant and it prefers the Indica. I live out in Colorado. I'm thinking it's a Pill Bug or an Earwig, but I have yet to see this bastard. Any thoughts on what it is, or how to catch it? I'm on day 6 of flowering i need to off this pest. IMG_3646.JPG IMG_3647.JPG
  2. I don't know what made holes like that, but I 'm more worried about all those white specks on the leaves, that look a lot like spider mite eggs....You need a magnifier scope on that...And check the under sides of the leaves for live ones.
  3. Yeah I've got a lot of experience with spider mites. Definitely one of my nemesis's in my earlier days. I've got a magnifier there's no microscopic insects here, just this one bastard eating away. If there were more it'd be way worse. This has been going on since the second week. Every once in a while I notice a leaf with some fresh holes in it or along the edge. The spots are just me balancing nutrients for two different strains on the same system. Won't make that mistake again. Current pic. Thoughts on larger bugs?
  4. Foliar nemotodes...ya can hardly see them even with the very best of magnifiers.....only thing that comes to mind if ya cant see anything with your scope but ya got bugs for sure...I had that same issue and that's what I had and ya cant get rid of them unless ya get rid of the plant itself..Google them and see if your symptoms are characteristic with foliar memotides

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  5. Oh wow no, not even in the ball park. The leaves are completely healthy, green, and gorgeous. There's literally just missing leaf from several of them where it ate them. You can tell they've been eaten by something that would be visible to the naked eye. Bastards eating both plants now. Still seems to prefer the Indica though.

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