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It's DRY!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MoTec, Sep 1, 2002.

  1. Damn, I'm going to have to start growing or something. I live in South Texas and there is NOTHING to buy here. Sure, some folks have some hydro but they've jacked up the prices way too far for my taste because to the shortage. Usually I have about three people I can go to for a QP and about six or eight for an OZ... Nobody has anything and they've been out for a couple weeks now.

    A buddy of mine was driving down near the border with Mexico about 2 months ago and saw a sign that said 'You think it's dry now? Wait 'till October'. I didn't really get it then but now it's making more and more sense. The border patrol has stopped many tons from comming across in the past months.

    I smoked the last of my bud on Thursday... I hope I can find some sometime. Growing is going to take a while 'till I can smoke it.

  2. dont grow bud unless you're willing to invest at least in a HID lamp. I just wasted the last eight months trying to grow bud under floros and in soil pots, and i'll just say what I have now makes Mexican Brown look like Ak-47
  3. maybe you can drive outside your town seaching for many OZ's then you could be one of those people selling weed in texas for jacked up prices, you'll be smoking weed for free and making good business.
    Only a idea?..........
  4. I live in houston and i saw that sign too, "U think its dry now, wait till october" or whatever! Im glad i live in houston because its never completely dry, j/the prices go up and down a lot. But my new friend, who i love dearly now, can still get anything from a gram to a pound. :D You should drive up to a big city and try to get some.
  5. Haha, did the cops put that sign there???

    I live in a town in England which is pretty dry. It's not even a small town.
    Luckily, it's next to other towns which aren't so dry.
  6. Well, I live in San Antonio and while it's pretty dry here I did manage to get a QP last nite. It is getting harder and harder to find some, however.

    The bud I've got is not the greatest but it'll do. Now hopefully a couple of my buddies will pony up the cash and get their own bags so mine doesn't dissapear 4 times as quick. :)

    Those pesky law-enforcement folks - cutting into my pot smoking time! How dare they. heh
  7. I'm glad you finally found some. It's frustrating as hell when its dry. Its been like that around here for a couple of months. I have to have a friend bring it to me from out of state. All of my dealers are in jail at this time but hopefully it will get better soon.
  8. I live in NYC, It sucks to hear that your places of resedince

    (why did I say that?) are going dry, I rarely smoke and my

    money is getting cleared out quikly because good stuff costs

    way too mush cash...

    I still buy it though, so what can i say.
  9. Man, if u live in NYC, make a monthly trip to philly. lots around temple. that's what I've done and it's crazy and cheap around Temple for some reason.

    Did thta till a friend started dealin
  10. Wow.. It _is_ really dry around south texas. There is very little around and the prices have shot thru the roof. Apparently the govt really has stopped a lot at the border. There is like NO mexican brown around anymore. All anyone has (for the most part) is hydro or other kb that is grown indoors somewhere.

    Damn... Mabye the feds will read this and know that they've stopped the flow. Shut down the squads and go home! It's all good now. Let a little bud back cross the border! Please!

    And no, I haven't smoked my whole QP yet. Heh.
  11. I live in North Houston and its pretty much the same thing here, hydro or kb. I personally have dont mess with the kb, its nothing comapred to the hydro I usually buy. As for the swag, its few and far between. When you can find it, its been real expensive. It seems to have been getting better lately though, maybe it wont be so bad in October, lets hope.
  12. i live out on the Island in NY only like 45 min away from the city maybe i should start makin some trips to Philly too
  13. Hey, we're feeling the drought all the way up here in east tennessee! same situation with all the hydro and fine. people are asking a killing for it because there is no schwag around. As for me, unless they'll take what i wanna spend i dont buy. But damn if i dont miss it! Good luck to all you guys in Texas. I'm from Texas so i feel for you guys.

  14. Dry as a mothafucka in OK!
  15. Same thing in Illinois, seems to be getting better now though.
  16. i'm in San Antonio, my hook up got really scared about a month ago. pricess went up and nobody knew where they were going to get their next sack from, but both of my hook ups say that supply is picking up but the prices aren't coming down. these days i don't mind paying a little extra an oz. as long as my hook up has something to sell. he says its picking up... the big guys down south are gonna have to start sending up twice as much... smoke on!
  17. Hey im from San Antonio too! Anyway, I have that huge Billboard... I was worried for while, but it seems to be getting better, there bud now, but its still a little high. Im thinking of takeing the short drive to austin and get there... I hope things change soon!


    PS: hehe jake... lets burn!
  18. i'm waiting for you to come over. i already got rid of one jay. hurry up!
  19. Wow, I'm glad I live in los angeles. There has never been a dry moment throughout my toking tenure, there's always plenty of sticky dank to go around, all year long. Everyone who lives in dry towns, need to set up some type of kingpin operation, know some more people, you should be able to smoke continuously year round and make money while you're at it.

    P.S. Try not to hang out with the guys that end up in jail. You can still be a big time player while maintaining a low profile.

  20. I live in Virginia and I saw they same sign,"You Think its dry now wait till next month. Courtesey of the DEA." It has been pretty dry in September ,October there was more but way too expensive and finally in November the Onions and Qauter pounders are flowin like a river.

    As long as there is rain it will never be dry.

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