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it's crazy...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. the world we're living in today. every time i watch the news i see history in the making. especially with the rebuilding of iraq. bush is on a mission to bring peace to the mid-east, and there's nothing he'll hold back to achieve this. recently the world contributed something along the lines of $87 billion (i think that's right?) to fund the rebuilding of Iraq.

    also, he's making strives in bringing peace to israel/palestine.

    anyone watch his address to the great britian this morning on CNN?

    this stuff is intense. kinda makes me feel special to get to witness these things. we're seeing things on a daily basis that people have never dreamed were possible.
  2. Yep..its good to live through history..years down the road they'll be reading about it in text books and what for sure they'll be refering to him as 'that idiot that got elected'
  3. Makes you wonder what type of messed up society we live in today, people killing others for no reason(Iraq) and don't give me that bullshit about wanting to help the iraq people from their terrible dictator, bush wanted oil and revenge for the failed attempt already by his father, what a fucked up world we live in.

    Look at the state of Iraq now and the americans want to get out of their now as soon as possible incase it jepordaises their election poisition, look at Afghanistan too.

    "kinda makes me feel special to get to witness these things. we're seeing things on a daily basis that people have never dreamed were possible."

    So you feel special to be apart of the invasion of another country that was meant to have weapons of mass destruction, i don't see any anywhere? do you?

    The whole invasion of Iraq was a fraud, how would you like someone invading your homes and privacy, think of how them children feel, innocent children that have NOTHING to do with oil or war or any shit that Bush uses as an excuse to invade.

    It's a total shame.
  4. what's worse is that half the country keeps on sucking all these lies on down and still believes in him. I've got a co-worker who was all gung-ho for the war and today he's worried his kids may have to go to Iraq, but he still says that Saddam is tied in with Osama and transfered all his weapons of mass destruction to Al Queda.
  5. an the really sad part is its not going to stop with iraq :(
  6. I think that none of us really has the whole picture about the war. There's a lot of propaganda going around, wether it's pro-bush or anti-bush. We all smoke weed, look at all the anti-marijuana propaganda that the government puts out. We all know it's bullshit, but nobody else does. I think that all of our opinions are based on news we hear from a biased viewpoint. I could be full of BS, but so could you.

    So it's kind of pointless for me to say this, but I think that the war was a good thing overall, wether the reasons for it were right or wrong.

    As much as people complain about all the poor innocent Iraqi bystanders getting killed, was has never been as clean as it is now. If the war had been waged the way WWII was, the entire city of Baghdad would have been leveled by mass bombing. Even though it does suck that innocent Iraqis got killed, war is war, and shit happens. I know it sounds really cruel, but it's the truth.

    And how can we know how the Iraqis feel about the war? They lived in a regime that did not allow free speech, due process, innocence till proof of guilt, or any of the other rights we are so lucky as to be gauranteed. We dont know, we CAN'T know what that's like. We really have no right to say how the Iraqis feel about the war.

  7. LMAO!!! you must not have read any of my other posts about the war in Iraq. i don't agree with what Bush went to war for (the weapons of mass destruction that don't exist). but i do agree with trying to help that society. i don't mean try to make them like us, but now that we've already gone in there and done what we've done... it's now our responsibility to see it through and bring stability to that area.

    as far as me feeling special to witness history... i think you misunderstood that. this stuff is really exciting to me. i don't believe it's all right, but it does excite me to get to live to see these things happen, and not just read about them in some book. ya know what i'm saying?

    and dirtyD... Bush isn't the antichrist, but he is paving the way for him. Bush won't succeed in bringing peace to the mideast... but he will lay the foundations. where he fails, antichrist will succeed. look how readily the world jumped on the bandwagon with bush's promises of peace... and most of these promises made no sense. just imagine how easy it's going to be for antichrist who's promises will make perfect sense. it will be no problem for him get the backing of the world, and eventually unite and rule the it. antichrist won't be revealed until after the rapture, but it could very well be the next ruler of iraq (seeing as how present day iraq is where babylon once was, and will be again, and where antichrist will rule from).
  8. It's both awe inspiring and disturbing to see how well the Washington spin doctors have once again played the American public so well. Give them focus and they won't see what's going on around them. Give them Bush and they won't see the real manipulators.

    IGotTheCottons, it seems as though you're able to look at this from two different perspectives: history in the making and destiny being played out. Which holds more truth to you?
  9. i'm a realist. i try to look at things realisticly, which often times includes more than 1 point of view. i agree with some of the things that we're doing over there, but i'm not going to try to deny that a lot of the reasons for going to war with Iraq were ludicris.

    i really believe we're seeing prophecy being fulfilled though. i'm currently working on a site about prophecies, and this is one of the things that will be on it. i don't know when it will be up though (it's taking A LOT longer than i originally planned - mainly due to how in-depth it is). the link will be in my signature area when it's finished.

    i highly recommend that everyone check this site out when it's done... might freak ya out a bit. :D

  10. No i've never read any of the other posts about the war in iraq.

    Yea iknow what your saying about witnessing all this, whenever it showed all the live bombings on tv yes i did watch it, it may sound terrible to say it but it was interesting to watch, i know it's not the iraq people but it was on tv so what can you do.

    It's still bad though.

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