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Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. when people post pictures of themselves. they enver look anything like what i thought they would.. i usually think of someone by what their avatar is. like im sure inferiorwang isnt that dude with the headphones in his picture, but thats always how i imagined him.. anyone else?
  2. I /am/ buddha.

    so are you.
  3. just look at the sig <-------

    no i'm not that ugly, it's more of a five year down the road type of thing
  4. i look exactly like my av.

    im a negative shot of X-tina's ass ;)
  5. actually that could be concidered me in mine :D but i dont think it was made for me...
  6. Hehehe...I'm not a cat :)
  7. being a cat would be cool though.... fun times..hehe, id get some catnip, then find a smoker and breath in all the exhales... if id work..
  8. oh yeah... I guess adam BC still IS horny...

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  9. i dunno... i could be considered a sexy lil shy monkey....chillen..

  10. lmfao;)!!!

  11. I thought your avatar was a helmet or something.
  12. Does that mean i'm a hott anime chick, and here i thought i just liked hott anime chicks.

  13. lol well i'm a dancer so i'd say i have nice leggies, and sometimes yes i do wear short shorts;)lol!
  14. <-avatar? lol pretty damn close...:D (dirty blond though ;) )

  15. lol it's definately fun bein a girl;)

    edit: a women, hehehehehe, definately fun!

  16. just a little ;)

    a couple years in jail seems to be a fair trade for stalking her and then running up and grabbing her ass... if only i knew where she was right now :D

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