Its Cool Living In A Small Town

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  1. I live in a town in southern Ontario... And in said small town, it isn't hard, but time consuming to buy weed. In the summer I had a steady connect with a buddy in an apartment building. Let's call him Kyle. Kyle sprayed his weed with water to make it heavier. I didn't like it so I stopped buying from him. Well today, my step dad mentions his buddy can fix my computers ram card issue, and get it working for free. I was all for it, so we took it to his house. We pull up to a familiar apartment building and he goes,to buzz his friend also named "Kyle" I thought it was a coincidence so I stayed in the car and waited for instruction. No answer so he calls up to his window "Kyle" "Kyle!", coincidently the same window my former dealer kyle lived at. So there's not a doubt in my mind we know the same guy. Unluckily the same guy I bought weed off of, oh well he takes me to my house and says hell try again later and call me if it goes good. What should I do when confronted? I'm not scared, just kinda confused and trying to make it as least awkward as possible. My step dad smokes a lot of pot if it helps. He's 44 Kyles 32
  2. So is this sarcasm
  3. your step dad gets weed from kyle
  4. Be like, "Whats up Kyle. You still got the herb?"
  5. "Smokings bad Kyle mmkay?"
  6. You should probably warn your stepdad that Kyle dampens down his product.

    Good karma, y'know?
  7. [quote name='"AR Toasty"']You should probably warn your stepdad that Kyle dampens down his product.

    Good karma, y'know?[/quote]

    He doesn't buy off kyle, he is just "friends" from work with him... They smoke up in his car before work every morning.
  8. Im just curious, which small town is it?
  9. become friends with Kyle and smoke his bud
  10. Tell your step dad he sprays it to?

    Don't see how the conversation could be awkward , he fucked up not you. :confused:
  11. [quote name='"TheMessage"']Im just curious, which small town is it?[/quote]

    Not going to be specific, but it's a small town within a 1 hour radius of London Ont

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