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    Okay so you guys can see I am new to the forums. Well sense I am new I have a new person to the forums story to tell you...

    So my parents are in bed, I am actually home, so I go down stairs in the finished basement that is my room. Well I haven't been high all day and that is were my story begins. If any of you are like me than that first time you smoke on any given day it hits you harder than if you had all ready been high previously during that same day. And let me tell you It hit me like a freaking train, 5 seconds after I lite up my bowl I feel flat out STONED! and I remember that its some different (better) stuff I got from one of my buddies. So after a pretty quick smoke session I go back up stairs and my bird (African Grey parrot) is making a loud PEEEP! noise and is on the kitchen floor so by this time I am thinking oh shit my parents are going to wake up because the stupid bird, so I am all paranoid because my parents don't know I smoke and they are going to realize I am completely toasted. So I rush over and get the bird and put him on his cage and he finally stops being loud than I go back into the kitchen to get a drink so if any one did wake up they would think I was just watching tv and got up to get a drink and thats why the bird was squawking (and that would solve both the birds and mys problems because we would both have are reasons hahah) so come to find out no one woke up.

    So now I sit here and type this to you after some struggle getting here... I was so stoned that I forgot the name of the site for a minute (I literally had to sit and think) than once I finally get here I forgot what my password was and had to play around with my email and stuff to get it than once I came on the site I was like damn I am so stoned I have to write something so I decided to write all of this and I still really I'm not sure why or what the hell I am typing at this point, so If you are still reading this I am sorry because I ramble when I am high and instead of talking it's coming out my finger tips.

    SO do any of you guys have some experiences that you were in a situation with either a bird, a sleeping family member, a tv, a basement, or a delicious glass of half grape juice half orange soda when you were completely BAKED! feel free to post.
  2. I have no idea what you just said
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    A bird? Well one time I went inside after a sesh, I came outside and apparently, a small bird followed by a much larger bird swooped down a foot away from his head.

    A sleeping family member? Well, the house we live in is built in a pretty shitty way. It looks nice, but everything creeks and the walls are pretty wafer thin. Also, our parents wake up really easily, so we've had to learn how to walk through our house as if we were ninja. We had to memorize which stairs to step on in which way, how to open each door in a way so that it wont squeek, and the occasional charade style sign language.

    A tv? My brother and I occasionally watch Naturally Sadie while stoned: Its a funny to show to watch just because of the way they interpret people who are 15 years old, and how we acted nothing like that.

    A Basement? Most of the base of operations happens in the basement; that's normally where the joints are rolled, the bongs are filled, the games are played, and the tv watching or more recently, Lost sessions take place.

    A delicious glass of half grape juice, half orange soda? No. Can't say that I've ever had a stoned session when I drank one of those. Although I probably should try that before summers out.
  4. I love old houses for that reason. You really 'know' your home.
  5. I am cracking up as I type... That is sucha stoner tale!!!
    I was in cottage for a few days this week and i took my daughter for a morning stroll when we saw a Hawk swoop down on the water and catch a fish with its talons. It swooped it away and I was standing there with Camera in hand, lense out all ready but unable to take my eyes away from this wonderment.

    I loved your stoey. how long you been smoking? You are daring to smoke a bong in your basement of your parents house with them there. I's go out of the house, but then again I am chicken-shit! Lol
  6. i'm kinda in the same boat as you bro.. my stepmom has a puppy daschund and it never shuts the hell up. if you leave it by itself for more than 5 seconds it will start whining and whimpering. EVERY night when my folks go to sleep it whines and yells for up to 2 hours before falling asleep, which gets annoying as hell when im high and also sometimes my folks wake up from it which puts me at risk for getting caught.

    i'm sure it's just cuz he's still a puppy, but it's annoying as fuck.
  7. throw a towel over the birdcage, that shuts them up usually.
  8. Honestly that was so hilarious because i read the beginning as so my parents and i are in bed

    I love wake n bake days

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