It's cheaper than buyin'!

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    Hello fellow blades =)

    So, as a bit of background info, I work at my families restaurant. It is a tiny place but people freakin' love us. We get the coolest old people in here. We are smack dab in the middle of downtown so we get quite the... smorgasbord of people. Not to mention we are in CO so it is very very cannabis friendly.

    I had just left work to go and pick up some Chinese for some of the staff. I left, and hit my bowl a few times on the way. Came back feelin' oh so right :smoke: . I am browsing GC when one of our regular homeless (He is a schitzo... no joke. Pills and all lol. We get a lot of homeless in here because we are downtown. They are always freaking awesome to talk to though. Hard not to form a friendship) guys comes up to talk to me.

    As we are talking.. another one of our regulars (everyone is a regular. I swear) comes up to pay. A little elderly white lady... looks like the classic grandma. I want to hug her every time I fucking see her just because she looks like a damn classical grandma. I see her like... jolt her head like she just smelt something (you know... you're out and about when you smell dank and some crazy ass Spidey-Sense kicks in). The homeless guy leaves and the lady steps up.

    "You can get high off a wiff from that stuff!" She said as she pointed to the homeless guy walking away. Little did she know it was me she was smelling :smoke: .
    "Yeah tell me about it" I replied. Not really sure what she was talking about yet.
    "Hell... It's cheaper than buying!" She jokingly said.
    We both laughed and I told her she is an awesome person. She smiled, and walked out.

    I walked over to my sister and asked if she had ever talked about MJ to her before (my sister is her waitress all the time) and she told me no but she is pretty sure she tokes :smoke: . I guess she was recently diagnosed with the big C so .... she is a legal MJ patient.

    I love seeing people actually benefiting from cannabis :)
  2. cheaper than buying?

  3. Lol the lady smelled pot after the homeless guy walked out and she said "you could get high off a whif of that, its cheaper than buying!"

    she was implying that smelling the marijuana smell comming off the homeless man would be cheaper than buying actuall marijuana to get high.

    when in reality the one who smelled like DANK was OP :D
  4. oh. i guess she got high. ya well that is cheaper than buying? or being smoked up! lol she should ask for a toke
  5. I work tomorrow as well! I only work 3 days a week and she is there 7! I may ask her if she would like to join me for a sesh. I mean hell... we're both MMR patients!
  6. Toke it up solo! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get that sweet old lady stoned as €Â¥*%! Report back :cool: sounds like your family has a sweet little place there:hello:

  7. Yeah bro, get her stoned as €Â¥*%!
  8. soo its cheaper to smell a hi homeless bro then to buy danke?

    ...what kind of food do you guys make?
  9. [quote name='"Nick Dillinger"']

    Yeah bro, get her stoned as €Â¥*%!

    ? Patronizing me? :confused:

  10. No, I just don't know what it means to be high as "€Â¥*%!"
  11. Ah... I see. I insert those in place of swear words sometimes.

  12. Hahah, I know what you mean, on my computer the Euro sign shows up as a bunch of weird symbols. That's why I thought it was odd.
  13. Haha I can see how that would mess ya up! Rock on brotha :smoke:

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