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It's called weed for a reason

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FrostedLeaves, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. I am so sick of people both in the world an on these forums always complaining about people "wasting" the littlest buts of weed. CHILL OUT! It literally grows like a weed, there IS more. Don't waste it on purpose, but if you want to blow a thick O or drop a little bud somewhere it's not a big
    deal in my opinion.
  2. FYI, It doesn't sell like a weed.

  3. Maybe you have really good hook-ups or get it for free, but I have to pay alot for mine and i'd rather smoke it all than leave it on my desk.
  4. For those of us who live in areas where the only grow ops are indoors, it's much more rare. I can't find herb for any decent prices where I live, which forces me to grow it for myself. And I'll be damned if I waste the smallest fraction of my homegrown.

    True herb lovers don't let herb go to waste. I can compare it to rock stars smashing guitars. Wow cool you have enough money to do that, awesome, but just knowing someone could have gotten use out of something you completely wasted or destroyed for no reason, that's just not right.
  5. exactly.
    maybe u have like 7 plants or whatever, but i have to pay a shitload for my weed.

  6. Not a surprise. You would never see this posted in the seasoned tokers section. But I wouldn't expect anything more from Apprentice Toker

  7. QFT. I always make a separate area on-top of some construction paper when ever i deal with bud to reduce the chance of loosing some bud.:D
  8. I always pick up every single last crumb wherever weed was laid out, I can't STAND when people just blow the tiny little crumbs off their lap.. I'll spend an extra 2 - 3 mins cleaning it up off my lap for more bud in the bowl, lol.
  9. It's like your mother always told you; "Finish your dinner, there are starving kings in <insert third world country>."

    Don't waste your bud because there is always one of us out there that is dry.
    Plus, if you live in a nation where cannabis is outlawed, it's better to "destroy" all evidence.

  10. ur a fuckin idiot

    if it grows like "weeds" then why is it so expensive? some people arent rich and dont want others wasting their weed (currency to some people) if u have a problem with that then smoke ur own shit u asshole.

  11. Not when you are forced to pay top dollar on the black market for it. Wasting is not an option when you're paying $60 for a few grams..

    And yeah, it grows. But in peoples basements and back yards... It's not like it grows like a weed. :rolleyes:

    If it grew like a weed, yeah, I would roll blunts all day long.

  12. It's so expensive because it's illegal and it's in demand.

    I for one am not a perfectionist when it comes to bud, and for a reason. I've been
    dry for a few days, after tearing through half
    a zip of dank, and I've found almost 2 grams
    of bud on my socks and laundry. add that with some crispy nugs in my ashtray and ive been able to get baked for 3 days in a row after thinkin i was dry.

    Now, im not rich. Im in grade 13 and still live at home (420 frirndly, i might add), and i really dont have much money, so...this
    post really has little point...
  13. no need for name calling.

    i agree with everyone here, i appreciate the last little tiny piece of weed, becouse it is very scarce and expensive for me. however if i grew or had tons of it i wouldnt be that carefull.
    feels good when you pack a good bowl with little pieces of weed you save when your dry:smoking:
  14. save all that little shake and those roaches! they come in fukn handy when you dont have any at all. hell i have picked thru the floorboard carpet of my car to get a bowls worth or whatever. you stoners know what im talkin about lol
  15. #15 FrostedLeaves, Sep 18, 2009
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    Good to see all the hate and accusations of how I must just have piles of free weed at my disposal to have my opinion.... I pay a lot of money for my weed too (20 a g, 60 an 8th, etc.) and I don't sell or grow it. I understand the point of it being expensive so waste is bad, but I am not saying you should just throw your pot all over the place, I just don't like when people get so OVERLY into no waste at all that I become annoyed.

    This response was probably my favorite: "ur a fuckin idiot

    if it grows like "weeds" then why is it so expensive? some people arent rich and dont want others wasting their weed (currency to some people) if u have a problem with that then smoke ur own shit u asshole."

    The misspellings and grammar alone are enough to dismiss your point, but I will analyze it either way. It DOES grow like a weed. Look at Jamaica, it is literally a wild growing plant there that springs up all over the place. If it was legal in the USA things would be the same for the significant portion of the country which is suitable for growth. Also, a little more than 2 months to go from seed to harvest is a very fast growth time. As for why it is so expensive anyway the answer is simple, because it is illegal and not regulated so it can be. It is very inexpensive to grow, but a grower/dealer charges the prices they do because they can. I do not "waste" others weed either, nor would I recommend anyone else doing so to anyone.

    Last words on the economic aspect of weed waste (that I know are going to get me plenty of hate): if you cannot afford to smoke your weed without sacrificing and struggling for it then maybe you should not be smoking it. I LOVE my cannabis but if I could not afford to smoke it and had to save up to buy a tiny bit then I would stop smoking it until my money was right.

    I like the point made by a few of rolling up on a piece of paper or other surface, I do this myself to prevent waste. I do not advocate waste or say waste prevention isn't a good idea, simply that it isn't worth ten minutes searching for a .1 gram of bud on the ground just because "WE NEED TO SMOKE IT ALL!!!" I roll my L or pack whatever I am smoking and do my best WITHIN REASON to get it all into my L or bowl or slide etc. but when I look down and see a few little crumbs on my jeans afterwards it doesn't bum me out in th least bit.
  16. #16 hatchplzhelp, Sep 18, 2009
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    I save every spec of weed. I pay around $300 an Oz, that breaks down to $10.71 per Gram, which breaks down to $1.07 per Decigram (0.1 grams). There is 10 Decigram in each gram so if I throw those specs away that like crumbling a buck up and throwing it away. That is why I save each spec of weed, bc of money. Also Im not broke but why waste money when I can avoid it, hell I cant even walk out my door with out spending $50 bucks.
  17. speechless.
  18. Weed is expensive because its illegal... not because its hard to grow.

    I mean shit, it just grows like that out in the world.

  19. tl;dr.
  20. I can't imagine anyone who doesn't have the time to type out the word "you" in his posts would have the time to read a few sentences, so I didn't really care if you read it. You may wish to read the bit in the middle though, your post makes a cameo appearance.

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